[1.16] Fall-back Targeting is Broken Again

By this I mean that ships will never fire upon ship classes they haven’t been ordered to engage, even if there are no other enemy ship classes in the battle. For example, fighters ordered to only attack frigates will never, under any circumstances, fire upon enemy fighters or cruisers - even if there are no enemy frigates on the map! Instead they’ll circle the enemies dumbly and just not fire. This wasn’t the case in 1.15, though I remember this issue from earlier versions - did part of the targeting code get reverted in 1.16?

I can confirm this bug is back. The 1.15 functionality of this was very nice! Please fix this ASAP.

This was a bug in 1.16, but will be fixed for 1.17. It wasn’t a code revert, but a side effect of a new system of calculating target priorities introduced for 1.16. This is now fixed. Cheers.