(1.16) Inconsistentscroll wheel behaviour

The scroll wheel behavior is currently inconsistent:
On most screens, when there is a scroll bar, you can scroll said bar with the mouse wheel, regardless of the position of the mouse cursor. There are exceptions to this behavior:

  • On the ship design screen, you can only scroll through the modules when your cursor is over the modules area.
  • On the HQ screen, the scroll wheel does function at all.
  • On the deployment screen, the scroll wheel does not allow you to scroll through the ship designs.
  • On the race selection screen, the scroll wheel does not function, and the scroll bar cannot be dragged.

I’m adding scroll wheel support to the design picker on the deployment screen, and the HQ window right now :smiley:

That would be great. And the Race selection screen? Will you add scroll wheel support to that too?

I’m wondering what to do about that. That screen needs support for more than 3 races due to mods etc. I might redo the whole screen in some way

Why not do it like the ship class list? Have a scrollable list of names on the left, and a display on the right that shows the picture and flavortext of the faction currently clicked on in the list. Expandable, efficient, and internally consistent with the rest of the UI.

the race menu has always irked me… it just feels wrong somehow.

high among the list of ‘wrongness’ is that your first race is 3rd in the list, and the first unlockable you can’t even see by default!
i think sorting by accessibility would be one of the important sort criteria :slight_smile:

I’ve recoded this so its a vertical scroll, and it will be much better :smiley:

Yeah. I’d also like it more if the last unlockable race was last in the list and so on.