1.29 Steam - Fleet deployment, ship list not scrolling

I have designed over 25 ship models on my current race, so they can not all display in the 5x5 grid on the fleet deployment screen. There are arrows there, that should presumably scroll the list, so that I could’ve viewed all the ships I have designed. Unfortunately nothing happens when I click the arrows, so at the moment it seems I am stuck at 25 available ship models per race.

Update, 1.30 Steam:

After downloading over 35 Terran ship models from others, the Terran list scrolls, but only so far. I cannot see more than 35 ships on Terran. My former post was regarding Kraugerisk (my main race so far), which did not and still does not scroll, so I can only view 25 ships on that race.

1.30 non-Steam, I can’t scroll either as Yootani. I’m stuck at 5x8.

Is this PC, Mac or Linux. I’m testing this here with a 5x4 grid and its working fine. What screen resolution is this at? I presume you can see the scroll-bar to scroll down?

1920x1080. I can see the scroll-bar, but clicking it does nothing.

That scrollbar being blank implies that all the available ships are being displayed (ie: you have only 25 designs). Obviously its only showing designs from the current race. You definitely have more from the current race?
Is this on PC Mac or Linux?

I have more. I even made the ship Korsridder sdsf just make sure. It got in and another ship dropped out of the 25 ship frame.

PC, Windows 8.1

1680 x 1050 here, Win 7. I similarly don’t have the scrollbar, just the arrows.