1.17 still crashes when launches offline

After registering my code to the online challenges, when I launch GSB offline the game still crashes (generic error).

----DEBUG FILE----
Windows Vista detected
GSB Debug File. App version Beta 1.17
Desktop resolution is 1920 x 1080
Initialising Direct3D
Initialising global vertex buffer
creating render targets
success in initialising 3D
Checking for application update
Initialising Sound Engine
Initialised Sound System with 512 channels

Finished Initialising Sound Engine
IERROR: Internet: HttpSendRequest() Failed [12007]
Initialising Direct Input

Initialising 3D Engine
Driver : nvd3dum.dll
Description : NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT
DeviceName : \.\DISPLAY1
About to Create 3D Device with width: 1920 and height : 1080
Checking For Shader Support
hal_caps.PixelShaderVersion >= D3DPS_VERSION(2, 0)
Finished initialising 3D Engine
Initialising Render target of 512 X 512 rt_ship
Initialising Render target of 2048 X 2048 rt_offscreen1
Initialising Render target of 2048 X 2048 rt_offscreen2

15/10/2009 - 6::16 - D3DERR_DEVICELOST
15/10/2009 - 6::16 - Flip