3 achievements after first turn

Just to make you aware, following the newest update I have just acheived Elder Statesman, World Stage and Survivor after the first go as United Kingdom having taken no action. Trying to help out as I love the game.

Also it’s interesting to hear that you fixed some achievements being unresponsive as I’ve been trying hard to get Socialist Paradise with no luck. I managed to get 100% socialist according to the compass, is this one of the achievements that wasn’t working?

Edit - It’s just occured to me that I may have unlocked these achievements in a previous game and it’s now awarding them to me. Is that right?

Yup, the awarding of some achievements has probably been backlogged for a lot of people…

Hi, thanks for your reply.

This is completely unrelated but in case you weren’t aware the ban fox hunting dilema angers the conservatives no matter what you choose. I think it is -7% if you leave it alone and -11% if you ban it. I’m guessing leaving it alone is supposed to please them?

Thats a bug, thanks for reporting it :smiley: