Bug - Maximum Political Capital

I’ve just won an election with 100% and yet I still can’t get enough Political Capital to enact certain Policies. My Capital per Turn is 42.65 and my Maximum is capped at 42.

More than happy to share screenshots or the save game file if it is useful (wasn’t sure where / how best to do this - sorry if this is me being dumb)?

P.S. I think this game is great Cliff (bought it yesterday) and thanks for making these sorts of games, there are not enough good strategy / games that make you think. Also, really enjoyed your YouTube videos explaining your process.

Many thanks,


That’s normal. You gotta really satisfy your cabinet to make this work. They may give you up to 2.6 political capital each turn, and the cap can increase up to 50 if you do so.

Thanks, I thought the rule was maximum Political Capital = 2 x Capital Per Turn. Clearly there are other mechanics at play.

As such, would it be possible to make it clear to the user what the formula is or things which affect it within the UI. I have all bar two of the Cabinet giving 2.6 Political Capital each turn and just won a 100% election so naturally am thinking there must be something wrong here…

Some more clarity about this would certainly be good. I’m not actually sure what the precise formula is