Socialism Bug? / Achievement Questions

When I did a Socialist playthrough I essentially raised super high taxes and brought the entire economy under the State, but somehow 100% of my population became wealthy? To add on to that they are “fanatically” opposed but every single one of them votes for me lol. (But I think this probably has been mentioned before because it’s been a thing since Democracy 3) Also I have a Mars Program and Space Program but I can’t get the Achievement Intergalactic Socialism. Is there another policy I’m missing? Some other stuff I’m confused about:
No Taxahontas (Do I need maxed out every single tax policy?)
No Ecotopia (I have max environment, no CO2 Emissions, and max Energy Efficiency.)
No Top Marx
No Healthy Living / No Salad Left Behind (Max Health and Plant Based Diets)
No Silicon Paradise (Max Tech)
No Workers Wonderland (Max Trade Unionist Opinion / Wages / Super Low Working Week)

Getting all people wealthy is a normal thing nowadays if you play long enought on almost every playstyle.
You can check what you need to do in a excel named achievements, if you don´t consider this cheating.
By the way, has anyone get a high enought internet speed in order to get Silicon paradise?

Lots of farming, environmental and motorist subsidies are excessively high.

Internet Speed can barely be affected right now. I think that needs more work