A Few Notes on D4

Notes on D4 version 1.14

Some policies should be in place/changed for the UK from the start:

Foreign Policy: Military Spend changed to 0.6

Economy: Sunday Trading Restrictions*, Consumer Rights (0.25), Eco-home Regulations (low), Smart Meters (0.7), possibly remove Clean Energy Subs, as I don’t think it is current government policy, Carbon Capture (low)

Tax: Junk Food Tax (5%)

Public Services: Compulsory Food Labels (0.5), FreeSchool Meals (0.5), Organ Donation (0.6), Free Eye Tests (0.0), University Grants (0.4)

Law & Order: Sex Work*, Armed Police (0.1)

* Change ‘Ban Sunday Shopping’ to ‘Sunday Trading Laws’ with discrete options (e.g. ‘reduced hours’,‘essential stores only’,‘also close bars and restaurants’). Also change Sex Work slider to named options ‘outlawed’,‘ban on buying’,‘legalised’,‘brothels only’,‘decriminalised’. Any option other than ‘decriminalised’ should cause a small increase in crime (because sex work is illegal).

Labour Bank Holiday should improve Trade Unionists by same amount as currently Socialists.
Minimum wage should impact Trade Unionist happiness (positive correlation)
Having separate policies for High/Medium/Low income tax would make it easier to fine tune, rather than trying to condense it all under one.
Doctors’ Strikes should be influenced by Healthcare Demand and Health. If the demand is low, then it doesn’t really matter that the funding for state healthcare is low, because the population are being kept healthy.
All strikes should be negatively correlated to Trade Unionist happiness. If TU are happy, they aren’t going to call for strikes.
Wages overpower productivity.
Why is Gig Economy influenced by GDP?
Healthcare Demand should be influenced by Population OR Immigration. Since immigration impacts on population, it’s effectively double counted.
Uncompetitive Economy is underpowered to GDP. I was able to have UE situation and max GDP.

I’ve only had a brief play-through, and haven’t had much or a chance to stress test, so I’ll have more as I trial different things.


Some of your ideas have already been implemented, and the intent of some of your ideas is represented in the different intensities of present policies, I cannot currently speak about the policies of the UK Govt, but you seem to know what you are doing. Some of your ideas, such as different policies for high/med/low income tax would just add unnecessary complications to the game.

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This is because a booming economy means people are able to afford stuff like more takeaways (uber eats) and more taxi rides (uber!) and so on.

Good point re junk food tax. We do now have a sugar tax…will fix…

Lots of other interesting points…working through them. Thankyou for taking the time to give me feedback!