A few suggestions that i came up with over the months

my apologies if any of them are already present in some other suggestion thread.

  1. ban private education should be conflicting policies with school tax credits/school vouchers. same with ban private healthcare and health tax credits/healthcare vouchers.

  2. foreign investor tax breaks should be conflicting with foreign investment restrictions.

  3. energy microgeneration policies should also reduce the cost of nationalized energy. after all, it doesn’t make sense for the state to spend billions on electric generation and distribution if everyone is generating their own.

  4. there are two different policies for compulsory language classes. these should be combined into one. or just remove one of them.

  5. income from taxes and expenditure on welfare could be tied to population.

  6. nationalized industries, instead of bringing income and costing zero at lower levels and costing a lot but bringing 0 income at higher levels, should have a progressingly increasing cost and income level like the speed cameras policy. at lower levels income can be higher than cost, and at higher levels cost can be higher than income. also income from these could also be tied to population.

  7. there shouldn’t be a separate policy to ban alcohol. make it part of the alcohol law policy.

  8. child related welfare and maternity leave that increases parents membership should also increase population. and family planning should decrease it.

  1. Agree
  2. Agree
  3. Agree
  4. One is foreign language what’s the other?
  5. They aren’t already? If not, agree.
  6. I’ve seen this before and had similar thoughts about it. Agree.
  7. Programming this could be tricky as only at high values for ban alcohol would they be mutually exclusive, but we could say for the sake of simplicity that the intensities of ban alcohol cover age too, so it makes sense, agree.
  8. If it doesn’t already, agree.
  1. compulsory language lessons and compulsory foreign language classes.
  2. as far as i know taxes are mainly tied to gdp and cryptocurrency adoption.
  3. .
  4. highest level of alcohol law is “strong restrictions”. simply adding another level after it that completely bans alcohol could work.
  5. i just checked it and yeah actually they do increase population, but family planning doesn’t decrease it. i must’ve remembered wrong.
  1. Should be consolidated then.
  2. Probably should be tied to pop then as well.
  3. Makes sense.
  4. I see. Still that link with family planning & pop should be there.
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