Time to revisit some PC costs

I’ll give a couple examples, but in general I think a full review of PC costs for policies is in order. A couple examples are:

-Mortgage tax relief is apparently more controversial than banning women from driving.
-Compulsory food labeling costs 12, while state telecoms company and state energy company are both 11. A regulation on an industry should be less controversial than outright nationalizing an industry.

I know the bit about banning women from driving was a bit of a cheap shot, but seriously, that policy should be on the same level as implementing the death penalty for how much push back I would get for wanting to do it.


I think there would be a cool feature if policy cost is attached to peoples membership. For example in a country where everybody is liberal it should be more costly to implement policies that hurt the liberals. Same goes for communist, state employees or retired etc. Maybe the Group Membership /2 /3 should boost the PC cost. to a maximum of 50 or there are requirements that if a certain membership is too high a policy cannot be implemented/ not be implemented at max right away.

Thanks for the feedback. I do agree that it would be more realistic, and cool to code a system where political capital costs did depend on group memberships, but the reason I am wary of doing it is the complexity of explaining it to the player.
New players to the game have a LOT to learn, and understanding that changing a policy costs X points to go up a bit, Y points to go down, Z point to cancel…
…is a lot.
But to add in that X,Y and Z all depend on group membership W might just send new players crazy :smiley:


I see the logic of that. You have to decide how far to go down each rabbit hole. I wouldn’t have picked that as a red line, I would think players who handle this game would handle that, but I have to respect your decisions as to where to put the lines.

It wouldn’t by any means perfect, but if you hit a bit of a brain block at any point, but don’t want to completely put the game down, I’d suggest randomly picking any two policies and considering if the PC cost differences really make sense.