a more "Interactive" Battle System

anyone played Starcraft? im sure most of you have … i think …

Well onto the point though i got this game and its expansion a few days ago (about 2 days before i registered here) and well the game is fun and all but its just not “interactive” enough to be very much fun … overall a shortlived game.

I reccomend something more “interactive” like the battle system Starcraft has… Video example here (its for starcraft 2 which has yet to be released though) its active and yet still a stratagy type game so its not toally “bot like” and actually keeps the player intrested (or so i think it should be …)

and if cliffski needs a more “hands on” example i suppose i can poke around for an extra copy laying around … or just google around for a flash copy of the game (its not full or anything its just a quick preview kinda thing … and its none of those Starcraft Flash Action #1~5)

I just personally think it would be a better game if we could choose what to have the orders as DURING battle … and yes i know it would be ALOT of coding to fix the AI to be harder to prove a challenge for everchanging orders from the player’s team.

still though i think it would be a wonderous change to the game! doing this i honestly think would gain lots of intrest :stuck_out_tongue: we can build upon it or just refine things a bit though to be more “fitting” to the game of course … its just a raw idea, but i think it can really go places!

i’d also suggest warcraft as a type of battlesystem for this but i dont own it (yet) … although i hear that its got a “level” system going on … such as the more a unit kills the stronger it gets etc. that is going to need looking into for more details though …

lets not forget that theres the possibility of having several different types of “control types” kinda like how Bowmaster Prelude (a flash game) lets you choose how to control your bow and arrow. perhaps we can just add that “interactive battle style” as a type of way to control your ships?

There are already RTS starship games out there. I believe its pretty easy to find some good ones.
This game, however, is more like a tower defence game, but a lot more organic. Giving orders during battles would change this game entirely, and no longer allow the posting of offling challanges.
In fact, this chance would invalidate any victory against an AI. Its just fine the way it is. I suggest you start playing more online challanges before commenting on how the game is so shortlived. Try challanges by dogthinker or the now extremely popular mrblitz. They should challange you quite a bit. And there are many new challanges posted everyday, to such an extent that you will probably never play them all.

Add to the fact that there are millions of possible builds and counter builds… Such a shortlived game indeed.

yes though it really is. Because although theres the joy of “Counter builds” and such the “Gameplay” after setting up simply gets boring.

to me personally all im finding are set up ship positions, set up formations and escorts, adjust orders for distances, watch how things play out. It just seems like its rather boring to do all the setting up and simply watch the fun. (also in tower defence games you can at least upgrade them during the battle when needed) and yes i have played a few challenges but im not seeing it much more difficult than “hard” on the maps Cliffski gave us.

Millions of “Builds” yes but your counting alot that dont really matter (example: Cruiser with loads of supercharged engines etc.) the only real “Important” builds would be things like combinations of cheap, firepower, sheilding, armor, speed, etc. the problem is that it gets repetetive and shortlived so yes there are alot of challenges to try but hte problem is that its going to be pretty much the exact same routine over and over.

if your thinking about this game like spore then yes i suppose so but the difference is the different objectives and different styles of gameplay (thats what kept me intrested and still does)

also i did say its a RAW idea meaning it needs some refinement. How about to be able to control a single 1 ship per game? could be a Frigate or a cruiser who knows? only difference is that no ships can escort or formation with it etc. it would just be there to be in your control in some way (where it moves … or something)

It seems to me the point here is that if you want to micromanage your space battle, there are already plenty of games out there that allow you to do just that. GSB is a different animal, which allows for a different kind of play and appeals to a different concept of “fun”.

Sometimes a game is only “short-lived” because the player’s attention span for that kind of gameplay is limited. Not a bad thing at all - it takes all kinds.

Starcraft and it’s derivative clones are borderline designed to ‘keep you busy’. Everything from requiring you to pay resource costs up front to the limited order queues to the worker setup - all require constant and repetitive attention to get anything done, with most of it not even being involved in any actual fighting whatsoever. That sort of thing has really gotten stale for some of us.

I’ve seen games over ten years old that have relaxed the various… difficulties for one or more of those type of issues, so there’s definitely not an innovation, technical or interface roadblock occurring here. I would go so far as to say the mainstream RTS genre has been poisoned.

Which is of course, irrelevant to the topic, because GSB is not a mainstream RTS game. It’s effectively a single-turn simulation game.

If you’re looking for inspiration for more depth, there are a number of what are known as “turn-based, simultaneous-execution” games, which may make for more appropriate comparisons to GSB’s format. It sounds weird until you realize how it works.

Most of these games are slow, tactical in nature, and horrifically detailed.

yea but starcraft has some crazy custom maps like cannon stack defence etc. a “level” system in fighting arena’s which are 1 on 1 (which i dont evne know how is possible O.o ) so the variety helps keep me intrested

but yea im just suggesting to keep the player intrested DURING the battle … other than just watching it all go down like a movie.

Personally the fact that I don’t have to keep tabs on everybody and what’s going on everywhere at a given moment is part of what makes me like playing GSB in the first place. Having to micromanage the combat takes the act of playing the game and converts it into a series of tasks that have to be done. That’s not fun for me.

What keeps me interested during the battle is watching which ships do what I expect them to do, and figuring out why some others surprised me. Plus I like watching the battle “all go down like a movie”.

well thats kinda weird … but you know what they say “Whatever floats your boat”

lol and im not saying turn GSB into starcraft im just saying to put something that lets the player interact with the game during battle a bit more …

And again i did say a type of “control” style as in you dont “have” to play the way im suggesting. and if it would cause in imabalance how about being unable to use those “interactive” during battle controls during challenges etc. but only for single player mode (and maybe survival)

All we need is x8 speed, and maybe higher.
Anything that lets you interact with the battle and effect the outcome will not happen, as it gives an unfair advantage to the person on the computer at the moment.
You probably should of tried a demo or something to make sure this game was for you, instead of buying a game and hoping to get it changed into something that will keep you interested.

As for the challanges, probably a bit off topic, but which ones did you try? The majority are extremly simple, but the better ones can present some very interesting challanges. And there are no best builds, so experimenting is one of the more fun parts of this game. Like making a .08 speed cruiser that can approach over 400 rocket launchers and get into weapons range. Its like an open ended puzzle game, not a instant decision 300 clicks a minute game like starcraft.

why the heck does everyone think im saying “do this or else” it was just a suggestion that i thought would make a good add on to the game =.=
and i dont have a clue of which maps i tried i just checked the screen and picked whatever

8.0x speed might be a bit excessive but this thread isnt exactly the place to suggest that >.>

and this is a suggestion section so i made a suggestion that i thought would make the game better, simple as that.