great game but lack of control in battle is disappointing

Do you welcome more Real Time control in your forces in battle?

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great game developers! it a good concept for a game. but the only real issue i have with it is the lack of in battle control of your ships. it makes me feel helpless when i send my fleet against the ai or an apposing player. this game can really scratch an itch RTS and sci fi game fans have if you guys just added the option of player control of ships in battle. with this feature you would attract a much larger fan base to your game. even just a small amount of in battle contol would be better (eg. get your selected ship to concentrate on an enemy ship thats a different target to the ship that yours is attacking). Anyway good game so far!

My whole enjoyment is the lack of control during battle. To figure out a deployment and an order strategy to control your ships’ movements and then watch in satisfaction as the opponent takes your bait - strays out of formation and gets chewed down individually is extremely satisfying. It would also break the non-synchronous challenge system by giving the player who has ‘control’ incredible advantages against the set piece of an opposing force.

As it is, I have yet to see an ‘RTS’ game that really is about strategy instead of click-spam.


Every Battle Is Won Before It Is Ever Fought. –Sun Tzu

Thinks more people should post challenges

My sentiments exactly. I like the fact that GSB lets me challenge myself in proper ship design, deployment, orders etc. - and then I can sit back and watch the outcome without having to worry about when to do this or that. There are plenty of games that do allow you that kind of control. I don’t play any of them.

i guess we can compromise on this issue. the game could have a option to control the ships during battle, that can be activated in deployment menu. just a option for extra enjoyment.

A completely agree - its frustrating when you can’t give orders to ships in battle, even simple ones would be nice.
It would make it so much more challenging and even let you have head to head fights. Ship design and strategy would still be very important.

Look at the options you have in Grat Tank Battles - to have some of those options would be great.

Doesn’t matter, anything we say about it will just get shot down by people saying “click and spam” or “starcraft blah blah”.

Not an entirely fair assessment (though there are always some who will take that route). In truth, the biggest “doesn’t matter” stems from the fact that Cliff has moved on to the next game, so GSB is largely what it is. But you never know - if the oft-mentioned GSB2 ever happens, suggestions of this type may make it into that game.

Please no.

It renders any asymmetric battle one sided. The defender now has complete control of his fleet on top of preferential deployment and all the work of the challenger in placement of orders is rendered moot and useless. No challenge is impossible and giving control of your fleet now means that no challenge is impossible and no challenge will be difficult either. What is the point in trying to create a challenge that can be defeated on the first try - every try?

We don’t need a GSB2 - we need a revamp of GSB’s challenge system to make it easier to find challenges, create and control styles of tournaments, and a better messaging system. Better mod control to allow people to challenge and fight modded content without having to have or use that mod. And some more orders to give fleets more dynamics but not so much to render it overly complicated.

Especially in built tournament function.

Need more SAC!

Or have both modes in GSB2. That way you please both crowds. I would pay $60 for that no problem.

Actually it wouldn’t.
The whole problem is that it would give the one person an unfair advantage. Why would I shell out money for a game that every challenge I produce will always be defeated. Or why would I play when every challenge can now be defeated with no effort?

Its getting slow out there.

The game already has the ability to control your fleet in battle, you just do it before you watch the fireworks. Try playing the same game with the same deployment, but with slight tweaks to the orders you give your ships. It can work out completely differently. It’s not an RTS, and isn’t sold as one, which is why I like it.

It looks like you have real time control over your fleet as of the latest version that I downloaded last night. It looks good - I like hte way you can change orders. I haven’t used it (aside from testing it for maybe three minutes before going back to setting the orders beforehand and letting the battle run its course) but will look at it more thoroughly tonight.

Some people won’t like the new feature, but hats off to Cliffski for listening to those who asked for it.

Well I am hoping a bunch of people who really missed having control will now give the game another go :smiley:

How will ‘control’ effect retaliations to challenges? I know you had stated on the in-game popup that scores would be disabled, but the effect of controls might be one-sided in any (though-nonexistent-right-now) tournament.

Still has to re-install GSB

I can’t wait to give this a try. I already have people asking me about this game now that I’ve posted it to my facebook page.

direct control is not enabled for challenges of any kind, only singleplayer offline stuff.