A Question of Modding Fighters

Well, im trying to make the turrets of the fighters visible , but i cant do it. It shows always as white squares and i really dont know wat im doing wrong. ¿Maybe the turrets are not able to show on fighters?. I need the turrets to show, cuz im doing a fighter minigun mod and i need the turrets blast effect :wink: for making it more real. Any idea?

I just made a Fighter Railgun last night and ran into the same problem.
In the end, I decided I would have to reduce the turret size to 0 and make a projectile of some sort that shoots out.
Although I’m happy with the results now, at the time I would have really preferred to have that autocannon-like blast effect instead of a projectile.

I don’t think you can put turrets on fighters.

Correct, gentlemen. Sorry! :frowning:

Yea i imagined that, but the thing is that even if u cant make the turrets to show up, u can see white squares instead, so thats make me thing MUST BE A WAY!!! lol.