A Remedy for Tiny Campaign Fleets on Mac?

So I found (through facebook) a link to Cliffski’s blog post about how to manually edit difficulty settings for campaign. Never mind that I had no idea what the various numbers or descriptors actually meant—I was prepared to experiment. But on a mac, with a not very sophisticated user (me), I can’t even see the file described. Isn’t there a way to make the difficulty settings at the start of campaign actually mean something? I mean, I want my sons to have a genuinely easy option; but I also think that if a genuinely hard option doesn’t exist, it really harms the gameplay. Part of me would like to invest in the Nomads, but part of me feels skeptical, based on my campaign experience, that it will be worth it.

But what I really want is some practical advice on how to actually face the difficult fleets that everyone else seems to be complaining about. That just makes me SO jealous.


Is there just nothing to be done about this on a mac? I am sad.

The problem seems to be all fixed now. I am not sure what did the trick, but after I downloaded the Nomads, had it not work, and then got a whole new package from Red Marble, suddenly conquering the galaxy became every bit as hard as it should be. I’ve been too busy struggling against the odds to post.