a very basic question

i won the first tutorial battle and moved right on to the next one, defense of sirius. i am unable to unlock anything (not enough honors?). the tutorial ships have modules that are unavailable to me. i should probably be using them instead of ones i build, right? .

Hello, Fabforrest, and welcome to the forums!
If you lack enough honor right now to unlock additional weapons, modules and ship hulls, you could limp by for a short while by using the various Tutorial units. It’s a somewhat inefficient solution, and several of the missions will kick the Tutorial ships’ collective butt, but it would still help you in the short term.

Take note that the fewer units you use when setting up your fleet (honor spent) the more honor you gain from the victory, as reward for taking the greater risks with a weaker deployment.


(impressive title you’ve got there!).

i would conclude from your remarks that low honor at the start is not necessary. how does one accumulate honor right out of the gate? should i be replaying the tutorial battle?

Honor is the remaining points left over from your cheapest successful fleet. If you manage to beat defending Sirius on Expert by only using half the points, you get 10,000 honor, combined with however much honor you got from Normal and Hard.

If you can’t, don’t worry about it, there’s more than enough missions to try with. Glancing back at the unlockables (it’s been a while), I don’t see anything so absolutely must-have that you cannot complete all of them.

One idea is to take the fleet that you used to dust the tutorial battle with and trimming it down a bit, then refight. That is what I ended up doing, and I learned a lot doing that about how to fight battles. And every ship that you leave out is just that much more honor that you earn after the battle.