Adding new explosion effects

For the new race I’m working on, I want the explosion flames to be blue. So I change the explosions section of the Paradigm Cruiser hull file to call exp_colfrigate, exp_colfrigatebreakup, and exp_colcruiser_plumecenter (I tried both uppercase and lowercase), create textfiles with those names and make them call the particle configs colcruiser_destruction_flames and collargeexp1_flames (they call the regular versions of the other particle configs), and create particle configs with those names that use instead of

Since I couldn’t find the original, I copied and recolored and renamed that to However, when I try to launch a scenario with the Paradigm cruiser in it, I get the error “Unknown explosion type”. Anyone know how to make this process work properly?

Total shot in the dark, what if you include the path:
TextureName = “data/bitmaps/fx/”

It seems like,, etc. are calls to items in hard code. But I don’t know.