Plasma torpedo woes.

Is there a way to add a customized plasma effect without having to replace the look of existing plasma weapons?
I am working on a custom race mod and I want their weapons to be somewhat distinct.

look at data/bitmaps/fx/

sadly you cannot add new plasma weapon effects. :frowning:

I was referring to the texture used by the torpedo effect though.
That seems to be hard-coded to use “” unfortunately. So if I change that texture, all plasma weapons will fire green torpedoes.
I can live with that but, I’d prefer not to modify the vanilla stuff.

This is a real shame, because I’d tried to mod the plasma weapons to be a bit more consistent or visually interesting with regard to frigate/light/regular/heavy types. I’m sure it’ll be externalised at some point though.

That bug doesn’t only affect plasma torpedoes… i hope cliff can somehow fix that which happens when you change the texture entry to something non-standard

It also happened to me when I tried to add new smoke particles (they were orange, though ,p) Sadly to increase the resolution of effects one has to be able to add new effects and be able to define sequences… well maybe in the future (this is also why i didn’t update my FX mod anymore ,P)