Hull Config file Parser...

Anyone have the specs on ALL the fields in the hull file text? I have built a blunt parser that can parse the file, the issue is that the wiki only has part of the [targets] and [husks] but nothing else (like what is the 3rd number in explisions ( I am thinking it might be an alpha number but could be wrong,

See I like some of these new mods, but part of Gratuitous Space Battles are the explosions. I want to build this program to make it easy to make more space debris:)

PS - Also, any idea on how the explosion parten work? That is the Alliance Alligator Cruiser has 11 targets but 16 explosions. So when something hits the ship do the explsions just happen at that location, is there a minimum hull damage before certing things happen?

(I am starting to think the explosions only start to happen when that 3d number happen.)

I too could use some more Gratuitous explosions! make it so!