Admiration of Positech Games and Democracy 3

I’ve been a huge fan of democracy 3 for a long time but never realised that positech games was and indie games company, I’d always assumed it was a relatively big games company as the games and logo seem so glossy and run so well. I only discovered this website recently when looking up Big Pharma, another game I’m looking forward to playing (assuming it will be given Mac support?). Everything about positech games is so refreshing. I think this was the first time ever I actually saw a terms and conditions during registration that could actually be read! Even the check to see if I was a human impressed me. I’m literally speechless, I just have such a huge admiration for this games company! It sort of makes me feel guilty for buying democracy 3 on steam for 50% off in a sale, although I did already buy the game full price on the App Store, I bought it again so that I could get the expansions which weren’t available on the App Store for Mac. I just love democracy 3, particularly the graphs (I love graphs) but I would like it if the graphs weren’t relative but time based so they continue to increase or decrease with time beyond the limit that they currently have. Also I would love to see some more expansions and dlc for democracy 3 if possible as well as an app for the iPhone instead of just the iPad and to release the dlc content on the App Store for iPads and iPhones.

Thanks :smiley: