After 10 years

I heard that now you can play beyond 10 years. I haven’t played that far yet. What happens after 10 years? How long can you go after 10 years?

You can play as long as you like, but no further score is recorded.

How do u keep playing?
I just got the game the other day…
I have plyed to the 10 yrs…but it doesnt let me keep playing, it stays on the , end , screen

i think the yahoo version stops, if thats the version you have?

I dont know…
I bought it the other day via Pogo. :smiley:

ah yes, its only the positech version that has the option to continue…

Oh well, That sucks! If i had of known, i wouldnt have ordered the Pogo version!

Hubby wont let me fork out more $ to get the other version.

Ah, well buying direct from the developer is always the best way…