Almost always crashes when entering live orders

Sometimes I am able to change orders during battle, but usually (seemingly always in campaign, like 10/10 tries), the game crashes when I change orders for a ship during combat. Otherwise, the game seems very stable for me, except for another crash on the campaign map.

I didn’t see any other discussion of this bug. Am I the only one? Is it known and there is some workaround?


No, I have the same problem.
The crashes are so many in the campaign when editing battleorders that I don’t dare to change them anylonger.

Either a bug fix is needed or the option to edit the battle orders needs to be removed again. Would be quite sad, though, since editing battle orders is much more important in the campaign than in the scenarios.

btw: GSB version full 1.63

have you tried reinstalling? A file may have been when you download last

Done and tested… still crashes, not always but much too often.

Here the lines from error.txt, not sure what the first 2 lines are about but the last line concerns a crash which happened after I had edited the orders during a battle: