[alpha 1.56 steam] conveyor cant be placed?

Ive been playing fora number on hours now and i really dont understand the rules for conveyor placement.

Ive been adding a second set of fit’ers for my production line and every time I try and connect the output of the 2nd fitter to the old path it fails. (See picture below with red crappy hand drawn arrow).

Two bugs here:

  1. why cant i connect that conveyor to the existing bend?
  2. if it wont let me place it then it should NOT charge me for it.

Id really like a reworking of the conveyor placement UI. I always seem to be getting these sorts of situations where I cant place/edit conveyors. For the example in the picture, i have to delete the destination turn conveyor and then re-lay the two conveyors (and reconnect the existing one).

Also while we are on conveyor placement… lets say i do delete the existing conveyor and try and place it again, if I start laying a conveyor from where the arrow is, and move across to where the existing bend was, then down to the bend below that, ie, if I go: from the start, SW, then SE as soon as I go SE the path switches from (start -> SW -> SE to start -> SE -> SW even though i ran the path with my mouse the first way. I then have to go back and lay it in two parts (start -> SW then from there to SE). Ie, if the user traces the path out with the mouse, your UI shouldnt decide to place it another way.

Is it just me or do others have lots of issues with conveyor placement going where they want it?


I have the same problems you describe. Drawing long conveyors seems to try to take some sort of ‘optimal’ path, but I’m not sure how optimal is defined. I’d almost like a mode in which the conveyor follows the path my mouse took, or something. I haven’t figured out what causes the inability to join conveyors though.