[alpha 1.56 steam] items are incorrectly *named* on import

Im seeing all sorts of crazy names for imported items. I run separate import conveyors so this is my paint import bus and it’s saying this is a tire.


Reloading the save does NOT fix this error (im still getting it).

The items route to where the visual item needs to go and they are correctly named on arrival (so it is just in the name lookup while they are on the conveyor, the visual image and the destination are correct).

This is both not a roof and also not locally made.

It was delivered to a stockpile and was correctly named once it arrived (as steel sheet, not a roof)


It is happening with locally made items too when they get picked up.

These two arches have been picked up from the local production just above. (The first one is named back arch, the 2nd is speaker as illustrated).


Yeah, I suspect its that a pointer is getting messed up and drawing the red callout box for the wrong item, and somewhere else on your conveyor network is the part that the text describes.

The fact that it routes to the correct place means that the object has correct information but that info isnt being passed to the UI for some reason. It seems weird to me.

Hi everybody,

I think, i found the solution to the problem. It is located on the taskpicker.alt file and the taskpicker.dds (data\bitmaps\atlases)

The dds has a size of 1024x512, while the Y references are based on 1024x1024 in the ATL

taskpicker%20ATL taskpicker%20DDS%20

Cliffski will certainly correct this at the next update: Either he will correct the dds in 1024x 1024 (but the pictures are corrects in file) or divide by 2 all Y coordonates in the .atl

In the meantime, if you want, I send you the corrected file.

I dont think that is the problem because the item routes to it’s visual representation correctly so it seems to me that it is the name that is incorrectly being looked up.

ive had items delivered from outside that where labled ‘xyz locally made’ even though it came from outside so i think it is the reference in the text that is borked.