Alpha issues


I’ve been playing the alpha and noting down some of the issues I’ve found so far.


  • The “Airport Expansion” event can occur even with airports closed completely
  • Clicking on the policy name in the Expenditure view under the $ tab opens the policy view correctly, but clicking on its pie-chart segment opens it underneath the Expenditure window - which can only be exited from by pressing ESC.


  • The speech text in the electioneering Speeches window with the light theme is very light grey on a white background, which makes it very hard to read unless selected.

  • It’s unclear to me why Compulsory Foreign Language Classes and Compulsory Language Lessons are separate policies, other than being a holdover from Democracy 3.

  • There’s a .rej file from a rejected git apply at ./data/missions/uk/uk.txt.rej :smile:

  • Balance-wise, another holdover from D3: banning trade unions should probably influence some of the new freedom/democracy metrics, and upset socialists/liberals more - right now, the focus group upset the most by a trade union ban is Trade Unionists, who… don’t exist anymore after a Trade Union ban! This makes it a unique policy in that it completely removes a focus group - and so, all the policies that upset them - from the game for almost no cost. With this, a hypercapitalist playstyle is still very easy compared to others, especially with an early focus on all the self-employment policies and business investment: