Alpha notes

So I got this game now :slight_smile:
Its fun game, it doesn’t even feel like alpha.

But you can keep >50% popularity with hyperinflation (max out quantitative easing and helicopter money) and debt crisis (get rid every source of income).
They give you emergency powers, so you can get more political capital just by maxing out two policies :smiley:
GDP and other simulation values really need to be put in S curve, so it would be exponentially hard to min/max out.

There are some spacing/scaling issues at 1280x1024 resolution.

Also why fusion project pisses environmentalists?
Do they think its too far away and instead you should focus on more immediate stuff?

Here is screenshot where I’m trying to melt UK.

Nuclear power is an issue of contention for environmentalists. One side argues that it’s a massive source of clean energy but the other worries about disposing of nuclear waste. In addition, a lot of environmentalists are pacifists, thus anti-nuclear.

Obviously this is a simplification of the debate :slight_smile:

Environmentalists traditionally hate anything that messes with atoms, even though those things could be made very safe if modernized. IIRC Thorium-based reactors could even run with little to no generated nuclear waste and much cheaper than Uranium-based ones? I’m not remotely an expert though.
And Fusion may be literally the opposite of Fission (which wouldn’t really generate any waste) but many Environmentalists hate them just as much. Which, to be fair, we only recently managed to get efficiency high enough for Fusion to be net-positive. IF you discount the whole setup required for the extremely controlled environments. So as of right now, while energy efficiency might indeed be an effect of this (because that’s the main issue with it right now - if we could directly harness fusion energy with little to no losses, it’d be insanely good), really energy demand should go up as well at high funding. And that might be one somewhat reasonable reason for Environmentalists to hate them.

(By the way, maybe there should be a policy about fission power generation, and some catastrophe involving nuclear waste. Really the entire energy sector seems extremely simplified right now.)

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@cliffski those dilemmas are repeatable.

Chipping in here to point out that yess… neither the debt crisis or hyperinflation do enough damage yet…i will fix it!

re:nuclear fusion, generally its seen as taking too long, and costing too much, compared to renewables. The argument for fusion used to be that renewables cant provide base load, but thats changing, esp with battery storage advances.
Fusion is currently theoretical, so with climate change being on a deadline, I guess the concern is we dont have time to wait for the rollout of fusion, when wind/solar is a known quantity.

And yes, some people fear the nuclear industry in general.

But I think its accurate to say the overwhelming feeling in the enviornmentalist movement is against nuclear fusion or fission. (fission has more problems).

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Hyperinflation situation should max out, when you max out helicopter money and quantitative easing.

Also there are <?> symbols instead of apostrophe’s in some achievement descriptions.

yup, stupid microsoft word creates its own super-clever apostrophes i need to replace…

You could use Notepad++ or open office stuff.

Small suggestion: Color category red, if you can’t implement any policy in it.
That is not enough political capital to implement any of them within category.
This could be done if there were no policies in it too.
Also ligtbulb - one where you implement policies - should be turned red if you don’t have enough political capital to implement anything from here.

Also on default settings its very easy to win if you just implement any mentioned policy at middle value.
I’m doing test run where I implement every possible policy :smiley:
Implemented them all, game runs very smooth unlike Democracy 3, that lagged when all policies were implemented :smiley:

By the way I suggest that Creationism VS Evolution is renamed to secularity of education.
Slider could be:
Fundamentalist - Religious - Secular - Atheist or something like that.

Everyone is equally filthy rich :smiley:
What do I win? Inflation isn’t really bad but there is debt crisis, and I didn’t finish cancelling policies, that reduce income.

Two more suggestions:
Debt Crisis should cause inflation to go up and push hyperinflation a bit.

Fake News should have more effects like reducing education, technology, health, business confidence and maybe few more effects.
Fake News should be increased by angry voter groups - capitalists, socialists, liberals, conservatives, patriots, religious, ethic minorities and environmentalists.
Poverty, equality, immigration, stability and others could be factors too.
You can’t have conspiracy theorists, if you treat them well :smiley:
This way fake news would prevent you from going too extreme, or you must sacrifice stuff, if you want to be extreme :smiley:

I’m going for ancapistan.
Someone has negative income lmao

I have suggestion for selecting ministers:
Change voter group color to red/green depending on their happiness.
This way you wouldn’t have to sort voter groups by happiness every time you want to hire minister.

BUG report:
High population simulation reduces pollution.
Drug, alcohol and tobacco taxes should increase poverty SCALED by consumption statistic.
So if you max out taxes and consumption crashes, then poverty wouldn’t be affected by those taxes.

Hi, thanks for the suggestions! some effects are actually scaled by other values but you cannot actually see that yey (ill add it soon).

I checked those three drug taxes in game files, and they don’t have poverty scaling by consumption.
I guess this is what you mean by some :smiley:

Speak for yourself!

I’m a huge environmentalist and a proponent of nuclear power for that baseload capacity.

Here in Canada, when you do the math for what we need to replace in terms of dirty power in the grid, renewables won’t be enough. And there’s also the huge land use impact of hydroelectricity. There have been large protests at hydro project sites by left wing groups because they have been seen as violating indigenous peoples treaty rights. That’s not something you might be familiar with in the UK.

With nuclear you are able to fill that gap and potentially minimize the impact on treaty rights.

I totally agree with you, but the reality is that the majority of environmentalists are at the very least anxious of nuclear energy of any kind.

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Yeah no question

I purposefully destroyed environment and caused CO2 emissions to skyrocket.
Average temperature rose rapidly, but then it stopped.

It seems like average temperature should rise forever if CO2 emissions are above certain limit.
That is high emissions - everyone doesn’t reduce emissions.

Other thing:
Disability benefits should affect everyone, not just retired.
Costs of it, and income boost would depend on policy funding, crime rates, pollution and environment, health, abortion and euthanasia laws, tobacco, alcohol and drugs consumption, and alcohol/drugs related situations.
If that would be too complicated for policy, then it could be simply health, crime, environment, and education.

Legalize sex work policy doesn’t change much when changing between min and max.
Maternity Leave doesn’t have any costs.

Sometimes text is cutoff in quarterly report.

Rubber bullets policy decreases inner city riots when its lowest, at highest it has no effect on it.
Luxury Tax causes huge effect on brain drain even at minimum (+29%)

Also brain drain confuses scientists, engineers, doctors, etc with wealthy people.
Brain drain should happen with low wages and technology but high education.
Maybe it could be renamed to wealth drain.

Stem cells research is listed as very controversial with 45 political capital introduction cost.
Then there is human cloning research, which mentions stem cells research as first step, but only needs 20 political capital.

Small suggestion:
Every situation, that doesn’t feed into emergency powers, should give 1% - 10% boost towards it.

There is some income effect bug - no description.

Finally I’m managing to run as patriotic religious, liberal capitalist :smiley:
Religious are bit disruptive to support - they disagree with some capitalist and liberal policies.

LOL how do I calm down patriots? :smiley:
They love me

Also votergroup support and voter support really should use logistic function, so they don’t ignore policies, that they hate/love, if they already love/hate me really hard :smiley:
My country is now religious, patriotic, capitalist, mildly liberal.
No poverty, full equality. Trade unions don’t exist in this holy libertarian paradise - its full of opportunity, so you don’t really need them.

It takes best of USA, Japan, Nordic/Western Europe countries.

Bureaucracy is not real anyway…

Added trade unionists :smiley:
Had to rebalance stuff a bit.

Health/education vounchers are at 50%, tax credits are on max.
By the way rare metals crisis is impossible to fix.

This should push inflation up, dragging everyone down lol.

Delayed changes don’t always clear up from UI.

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Environmentalists being anxious about nuclear fission does not mean the game should not let you do it - A policy which is good for the environment, brings down CO2… and pisses environmentalists off would be perfectly in sync with the tone of the game.

The only note here is how to distinguish it from the renewable subsidies policy. Stronger CO2 cuts, or a boost to disposable income, especially for the poorer segments of society? Just taking full effect much faster? France, and Sweden both went full nuclear really, really quickly, after all and also have much cheaper power than the rest of Europe.

There is no fission in game, just fusion project.

Maybe environmentalist happiness from that policy should be modified by education level?

EDIT: Removed left leaning policies and installed police state.
Its allright now.

Seems like save time formatting generally hates displaying “0”

By the way farmers and ethic minorities are too easy to accumulate.

Also capitalists are too easily annoyed.
I think everyone wants to be capitalists if its safe thing to do, since everyone is wealthy.

How position in compass is calculated?

Thanks for the feedback. Some of this stuff is known bugs that are on the todo list, some have already been fixed.
BTW you can fix the rare earth situation. There is a green electronics initiative which reduces demand for them, as well as a rare earth mining policy, which is an alternative way to handle it.

We really should add nuclear fission at some point.

I tried fixing rare earth situation, but year stuff is overpowered.

Unless I went anprim…
Things reducing it are maxed out.

By the way, can you add policy filter, that shows policies being set at 0, 1, and anything inbetween?
Red for ones set to minimum, green set for ones set to maximum and greyed out for any other number.
This way you could easily find those not min/maxed out.