UK Feedback: Nodes way too small

1st game, standard settings, subsidy-heavy Liberal/Capitalist strategy.

I was able to achieve Max GDP in the first term without even realizing. 2 terms in and I feel like I have stabilized every possible situation (still max GDP, 99% Popularity, 99% Foreign Relations, 0% Oil Demand, 100% Health, 100% Education, Terrorism at Threat Assessment 3 in one category)

There is no reason to continue playing, as my actions have no more impact on my GDP = the most important metric becoming static, as well as the only way to enact more policies and therefore continue game is to increase taxes, which would only cause more problems with no impact because the citizens are already living in utopia (despite obesity, hospital strikes, hospital overcrowding, respiratory diseases, I still manage to have 100% health node)

Even though I still have policies I would like to enact thematically, I consider the game as over. I can pump billions into universal basic income and watch as nothing really matters (and still have 13Bn remaining, which the game won’t let me donate to the public anymore).

This will be changed on 1.09 as it will be much harder to reach those extremes.

I looked at the 1.09 changelog and cannot find anything. May I ask where can I find more information about this?

It isn’t in changelog, because its work in progress, as its being tested.

Its normalization of variables.

Technology and education have almost no negatively influencing things, so those still will be pretty easy to max out, unless something is going to be changed here too.

I think I might release 1.09 quite soon actually, even though we dont have a new country in it yet, because I think its quite a big balance change. Might renamw it 1.85 :smiley:

That’s good to hear. Actually, the maxed out nodes that have no business being maxable is the main reason why I felt disappointed with Democracy 3 too.

I mean, what does it even mean having max GDP, Inflation, Healthcare, or max Technology…

Speaking of, I decided to tweak some nodes to see just how much I can optimize the process, and I found that the effects of technology and automation on unemployment are really mild in my opinion. How can I have 0% unemployment and 100% automation at the same time? If there’s no side-effect in automation, I see no reason in implementing Universal Basic Income.

Speaking of UBI, I wonder if there once again shouldn’t be some drawbacks besides the cost. Such as another baby boom, feeding into Land/Utilities/Water/Food scarcities. The price for technocratic utopia should be a big one after all.