Any Cool Star Wars Mod with SSD

I want a cool star wars mod to enjoy some battles because im a fan of star destroyers and im not good at modding thought.

I am pretty sure that buried within the forums is one or two mods that add in star wars ships from different era’s
Best suggestion is to use the search function. - Remember, this was one of the easiest games to mod, so you can add to what you find here.

BTW - Nice Ship for your Avatar :slight_smile:

darkstar i saw some star wars mod but it has some broken races and i kinda want a mod with the super star destroyer or has gigantic ships pls if someone can make one i am very thankful of it.

A long time ago, in a game far far away . . .

One of the issues that we came across when making mods with big ships was the issue with the centroid of the ship. Any attacking vessel has to be able to hit the centre of the ship before it would fire.

So when people introduced Super Star Destroyers, these massive ships could shoot at attacking ships without fear of reprisal.

For what its worth, i would suggest you download the mods that are broken and try to fix them. There is still a few people floating through here that should be able to help you :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it!

Agreed. :slight_smile:

Excellent summary.

Some of the Star Wars mods introduced for many different games suffer from various scaling problems. As originally modded for use here, hulls such as Super Star Destroyers are just too large to work properly with the GSB game engine. For whatever reason why, their creators did not adequately consider how poorly any attempt would go when trying to specify ship hull sizes that were anywhere near lore-accurate, relative only to other things in the Star Wars universe. As my highly experienced colleague darkstar067 described above, that sort of flaw doesn’t work well with GSB gameplay.

Oblivon23, luckily for you the solution to this problem is conceptually simple and within your ability to get it done. All it should take is some time, and almost any text-editing program. I personally suggest using Notepad++ (yes, that’s TWO pluses). The scope of the work involves the following easy steps:

[size=110]1) If GSB is on, turn it off;

  1. Look in the game’s file directory for your installed mods;

  2. Explore inside the installed copy of whatever Star Wars mod you’re using;

  3. Find the folder with all of the text files in it for the ship hulls in that one mod;

  4. Change only two numbers (“Height” and “Width” – keep both numbers the same, or you stretch the ship!) on any Star Wars hull that’s too large in-game. For top-tier capital-ships such as the Imperial SSD, I recommend setting height and width to no more than between 500 and 600. For lesser capital ships like the regular Imperial SD, I recommend setting the size to no more than between 250 and 350;

  5. Save the text files whose hull-size numbers you changed – just save as plain old “.txt” format;

  6. Re-start GSB;

  7. Enjoy playing your repaired Star Wars mod. [/size]

(I’m a bit fuzzy on the internal file paths that you’d have to navigate through to reach those exact hull files, though.)

The subtle part of all this is you have to make sure that the in-game sizes of the hulls that you change are NOT too big to fit in the pre-battle ship setup area on GSB’s deployment screen…

If the Height and Width numbers in a ship’s hull text-file are too high, then a game mission map with a really small deployment area for player ships won’t let you deploy such a big ship for that battle. The image for the ship HAS TO fit within the deployment area, or the game won’t let you use it in your fleet. That’s not fun.

Just do a little experimenting to see what are the smallest size numbers to give to a ship hull that will still allow you to deploy it in all of the missions included with a Star Wars mod. After a few unsuccessful tries, I’m sure you’ll figure out how big you can make the largest Imperial ships in the mod appear on-screen for actual gameplay.

There is/was more than one Star Wars mod for GSB, so you will possibly have to make more than one try at fixing the big ship’s hull sizes in order to get them smaller enough to work correctly in-game. Not all of the maps for every single mission in any mod will have the same total map size OR player deployment area size. Likewise, I’m sure that each of the different Star Wars mods for GSB (each one of them created by totally different people over a span of several months or years) has totally different missions with different map & deployment area sizes for them.

Do It Yourself is the best idea in this particular situation.
And yes, a few other people are floating through here from time to time. [-cough cough-]

Hello, thank you for the reply but i have heard of a mod like the mass effect 1 mod it has the ssd but i did not see any download link for it and also thank you darkstar for the explanation and i maybe can make an ssd mod if i can find a design for it. but also if anybody has a copy of that mod it wold be a great thing.