I would love to see a giant battle ship sized ship in the game. Is there a mod or is anyone working on one to add them to the game? One using cruiser weapons would be fine. I don’t have the resources to make new hulls or else I would try myself.

Unfortunately, there’s a bug at the moment that crashes the game if a ship is too wide. Height works great, though. You can experiment yourself by opening a text file in “Gratuitous Space Battles Beta\data\hulls” and setting "height = " to something very large, I’d say 500+. I made a 4km ship for fun…it looked like a toothpick though with such a big height and narrow width. It’s pretty funny when something can’t even fit on screen.

The closest we can come to super-ships right now is doing some gimmicky stuff to make a space station, like the Death Star in my mod.

Necrosaro, you’ve voiced my own desire, too. I am really hungry for combat hulls larger than cruisers in GSB – dreadnoughts and battleships !!!

I can’t wait until they are officially added, so I’m working on something similar in my own humble way. I’ll post my first such mod here soon. It will use existing weaponry while also making use of some surprise features.

BTW, with your user handle, I just had to reply. Give my regards to Erdrick the Great and maybe we’ll meet up to share a pitcher of ale at Tantegel Castle! My kid and I do Dragon Warrior games via emulation and we love them. :smiley:

SIGNED!!! man, that would be the final star on GSB… it MUST HAPPEN!!!

Even better would be if the hull types weren’t hardcoded (which I assume they are right now…), so we could create any number of ship classes :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, thats the one really annoying short-sighted thing I did in the game design when I was coding. It does actually make the game run faster like that, but it is a bit limiting.

There’s a couple of tricks to get around it, if you don’t mind it being a little unofficial.

Give a hull a 1000% power bonus, and then make modules which take 10 times as much power as normal. Now you have battleship scale modules which probably won’t fit on a cruiser (but maybe you could cram -one- on, leading to interesting designs). If you want things more exclusive then you can increase the multiplier, but be warned that using this trick at all will mean you can make a battleship with one powerplant and then a ton of cruiser-scale modules. The hull’s base cost should probably be set high enough to make this economically ineffective.

If we had a CrewBonus as well, that would work nicely also.

Having learned a great deal from the construction of the Federation “Buffalo King,” I am pleased to announce that more dreadnoughts will soon be made available for your enjoyment. Or heavy battlecruisers, or super-heavy cruisers, or whateverdahell you care to call them. Stay tuned!

For those who are interested you can check out my Stargate Hulls thread where I have made available the Excalibur Battleship. Its not quite a Dreadnaught but is bigger than a Cruiser so its a Battleship and as such it is loaded with quite a few hardpoints and standard module points (17 hard, 18 standard).

As we can’t make ship with width > 256, it’s hard to make 1 ship looks like a very big one.
Solution I found is to make others smaller.

A bit like this :

It’s in max zoom so we can see the little fighters.
Big ship is 256x256
Fighters are 4x4
(you can find SW hull in the forum)

I have a scale mod, and I have just now posted some new ‘Capital Ship Hulls’