Modder Wanted

So since getting GSB on my windows, I’ve become pretty much addicted to modding now. But I can only really go as far as changing slots and stuff on ships, and stats of modules.

I am willing to hire a modder to do some work for me :slight_smile:

Sad I know but I really don’t have the knowledge to do what I want!

What I would really like is someone to create a whole stargate (yeah yeah I’m a fan!) mod. There is one out there but its largely incomplete and not totally accurate. I want a stargate mod that is accurate to the ships (this will make them overly powerful I know but big deal, right amount of weapon slots etc etc). Races included are the Tau’ri, Asgard, Goa’uld and possibly one or two others.

If you are interested drop me a little PM.


As a huge fan of Stargate Series i would happily give you the needed help, but right now i can’t due my personal projects… You may want to read the first Sticky at the top of the modding forum… [Guide] GSB Modding 101 :wink:

It really is easier than you think and there are good programs out there to work with the art end. To me the hardest part is finding quality hull images that work together. It is pretty easy to mix mash, but for a consistent look I have sourced 90% of my art from one person. The Sci-Fi mesh forums would be a good place to start looking if the incomplete mod didn’t have all the hulls you wanted. They seem to be a good bunch and willing to lend their work to cool projects.

Folks around here are great at answering questions…just be sure you have gone through the Modding 101 thread backwards and forwards before asking, or you may get chided a bit. :wink: Ask me how I know, but really everyone has been a great help.

If you get started and are still lost, then post up; that is why the board exists.

problem is i totally don’t understand what it all means :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not a computer whizz kid in the slightest, i throw people out of bars for a living haha. If i start doing it i kinda need someone next to me showing me what to do step by step, hence why I’m after someone to lend me a hand :slight_smile:

I didn’t really understand it myself to start with. Spend some time reading through the forums and the text files in your GSB directory and some of the fog will clear. For the rest, that’s why the community is here! :slight_smile: