Any tips for a new comer

The game is great fun, but I’m finding it impossible to fully understand exactly how everything works. No matter how many times I start over everyone in my band hates one another. The biggest problems I am having are that I can never get better than a 30% on a song I don’t really know how to make them better I just randomly drag things and eventually give up after 5 mins. I also seem to sell out events all the time and gain lots of motivation, but never fame. I don’t really know much I’m just playing around and having fun with it. I may be a little to old to fully understand all this stuff.

when you write songs, the more notes the better, and also, you want to arrange things so they line up between sections. the colors do that, and arranging everything like dominos makes for a better song.

Thanks that was some big help. I also had another post about how I can’t update is there anything you can do to help me with that?

Also, you will want to buy records from the store and listen to them with your band as the outcome results in you learning new styles/techniques with multiple notes. Keep in mind when writing songs the goal is to put together musical bars that begin with the same colour as the last note in the previous bar. For example if you have a section available that says “guitar solo” and it starts with a “blue” 1/16th note and ends with a “red” 1/8th note you will want to choose another section that starts with a “red” note to create continuity or a “flow” to the music. Another thing when you go and watch other bands you steal some of their techniques so if the band was a punk rock band you would leave the show with an increased “inspiration” and possibly a new writing technique. The more of these you develop lends you to have more choices when writing songs for your band. As was mentioned earlier in the thread you want to use sections that have as many notes in them as possible when choosing as these will allow you to score higher ratings. One more thing to keep in mind, write songs when your inspiration level is high as this will allow your band more time to enjoy the song and they wont get bored with it as quickly.

Don’t just accept the musical notes that are provided for you by default. I drag and drop a section from my repertoire that leads into the next section. So for instance, if I realize that I have 4 sections that begin with a red note and 3 sections that end with red notes I try to arrange it where they match up whenever possible choosing the section that has the most notes in it first.