Anyone up for a Gratuitous Space Battles Modding Cult?


you could try throwing a link up on steam, although it’s doubtful any of the one actually become anything more than a lurker on the forums over here


Nah, i only considered to post mods if the community was at least active. Right now is totally abandoned (by the modders) so it will be dumb to post anything at all. If things change in the future we will see but i dont have hopes. Not in GSB2 not in GSB1… it seems that GSB reached the final destination…


Never Forget. :wink:

PS: Please write me down as an inactive member.


Both Noted and recorded, have been busy with my mod and trying to rebuild some of the assets as the computer repair is looking very far off at the moment.

P.S. Curtis, I also look forward to more from your mod, preferably any of that “huge story thing” you talked about :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s taking longer than expected. Main problem is getting weapons to work on fighters and motivation. But I’ll keep going :stuck_out_tongue: And I think I realised the fighter problem as I post this.


Im also going to post my mod soon enough. As soon as i solve the problem with the campaign. If i dont solve the campaign problem soon i will forget about posting any mod.

What problem you having with the fighter weapons?


Attempting to create a fighter hull in the editor. Turned a softpoint into a hardpoint, it appeared to disappear. I now know that it was because the hardpoint appears as a weapon for ease of aesthetic design, but I thought it was just breaking and wouldn’t let me place hardpoints. It’s fine.


Yup, thats a feature i dont like either. Sometimes it is too difficult to see the hardpoint when is switched to a turret graphic. Specially when working with big sprites that is a pain in the…

Well, now that i know that GSB2 is definitely abandoned, dunno if im going to post my mod in the forums, i am a bit dissapointed. But probably i will, before i stop modding for GSB (again…).


My advised for you N3MES1S don’t stop modding for GSB and don’t get disappointed and take it as a challenge.


I never stopped modding for GSB. Even a couple of years back, when for personal reasons and not enough time i just literally abandoned the development of some of my mods, i still kept doing some work on modding but really really really slowly. I even finished a mod (Stargate, the Tauri race) that i started recently to continue slowly and it is the one that i will post here. The one i will post is the entire Tauri race completed (i was planning on doing more races) and thats it for now. When i have the time to take some screenshots and test the campaign, we will have another mod in the GSB community to keep trying to resurrect lol.


Since im going to be resuming my pretty much dead project, I may as well join this little cult here.


Welcome and I hope you finish the core of your mod to your satisfaction.


Pretty good news there. Welcome back. :slight_smile:


And too much for a cult… .-.


Do you mean “SO much for a cult”?

Because wow, what a pessimist… :wink: