Anyone up for a Gratuitous Space Battles Modding Cult?

During the times when everyone has moved on to GSB2 or from GSB entirely a few of us remain creating mods for GSB 1. I propose a:

(The Image could probably use some work I admit)

Simple, sharing and a little community within a community (,within a community?,) that will focus on a last stand of Gratuitous Space Battles Modding until we move on or forget.

If at least some of who remain join the cult member list would go up to two. :wink:

All jokes intended, I personally intend to stay until GSB2’s modding gizmos and toys get to fun lookin’ not to play with. Hope to see some of you here.

I promise my GSB modding efforts are not dead, just in sleeper-ship suspension while my attention is being consumed elsewhere. Guaranteed you will see me active here again, just maybe not for a little while yet. :slight_smile:

Sooooo, should I put you down for joining the cult or delayed joining or what? :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose that depends on how good the dental plan is. :wink:

Call it a deferred membership for the moment. Full membership to follow as time and circumstances permit.

Okay if you want to…

Though I’ve never posted any of my personal (very satisfying to me) mods, I might consider something like this.

After all, I’ve found that I don’t really care for GSB2 – and that I continue to play and tinker with GSB1.



Welcome Maveth, (A very lively name,) And feel free to post your mods or just stay with this community, my laptop that I had all my modding stuff on is suffering problems so I can’t do much right now, witch sucks but now I am going off tangentially from what I was doing…

Nobody has moved to GSB2. The modding community of GSB2 is almost non existent. The game is probably inferior to GSB1, specially talking about modding. My guess is , people just finally got real lifes, and modding for GSB1 is a really time-consuming thing. Others were very dissapointed with GSB2 and they left the modding scene for good. I am debating on return to modding for GSB1 or to wait if someday GSB2 receives better modding support. At this rate, i dont think this second option will ever be come true, so i dunno. The only thing i like right now about GSB2 is the ligthing effects on the ships, and the possibility of make total conversion mods in a easy way, but of course thats only theory. As i noticed, sadly that is just that, theory.

One of the things that made me leave modding for GSB1 was the graphic glitches. One of em, was that my beams were firing under my turrets. This was fixed?? because if it is not… … the other big issue i had that was the impossibility to use full custom bullets in my mods without replacing the whole game set. This was promised as a feature of GSB2… but again, i dont think it has been implemented without doing a full conversion mod… maybe not even then. Im assuming things didnt change?

We here at the GSBMC would welcome you. Blatant recruiting aside, while I am not the most knowledgeable about the beam bug you mentioned I have not had a problem with fully custom bullets. I would be glad to help in a mod but as I cannot currently work on my own mod with my laptop down, all I can provide right now is lore. Hope to see you around and thanks for the clarification. I guess I never really poked around GSB2’s forums.

I dont need help… (i shoudnt anyways xD) i am a experienced modder (in general) but specifically for GSB. I did the galactic concordium mod, and others (at least i tried to finish em, but i was required in my real life). What i meant is, if you use custom bullets, you are replacing the ones vanilla races use. Thats have been that way since the beginning of times. So, when you fight against vanilla, they are going to use your bullets instead… so maybe by now i thought that in any past update cliffski made possible to use separated custom bullet sprites. For total conversion mods that is not a problem, but for anything else… not being able to use different bullets than the vanilla races is a really huge wall to modding.

The main problem is, even with every single file correct and every single thing in place, mods dont work in GSB2… period. And since its impossible to know what could cause a mod to not work (its not like GSB1 that you receive messages about turret mappings not found, and things like that), and cliffski is not around anymore and nobody will help you…its pointless. I tried for 5 days to get my stargate-daedalus ship to just show up, without success. Yesterday i started to make the same mod for GSB1, and in 5 minutes i had it working perfectly fine in the game. So, do you see the difference?? lol. It seems, for some reason the code of GSB2 is not prepared to handle custom hulls or watever. I dont have a clue whats the problem.

Actually, custom bullet textures were implemented in GSB1 a while back. So you don’t have to mangle the vanilla tech to get the look you want. :slight_smile:

I believe that you can actually now specify which file for the weapon access to create the projectile so that you can create fully custom bullets, if that helps.
Sorry if I misunderstand what you say about separate custom bullets but I take it that from your post that you did not know this. Again sorry if I misunderstood.

Also I agree about the difficulty of modding GSB2 its why I started my mod in GSB in the first place. :slight_smile:

EDIT I will also try to continue my mod once my laptop works or I can get the files off of it, and your Galactic concordium mod was good, I played with it installed quite often.

EDIT2 I just realized that AcePalarum ninja’d me, all well now he is doubly informed.

Yay, i think the custom bullets update was just befor i quit… i think i remember it. How was it? what parameter needs to be added in the module file?

So many things i totally forgot lol.

Thats alright, thats why this thread exists —> [Guide] GSB Modding 101

Scroll down until you see - Custom Bullets.
(I do not think its appropriate to clutter this thread with the how-to.)

Thanks, Darkstar; you’re quite correct. Going forward from this point, further discussion of custom bullet sprites belongs in the Guide.

BTW, thank you for linking to the Guide itself. :slight_smile: Too many people foolishly ignore it.


All GSB1 modders:
Right at the very top of this forum, there is a special “sticky” thread named the GSB Modding 101 Guide. It’s super-easy to see, so there is no excuse for not reading it. Because this forum for GSB1 Gratuitous Modding is a nearly uninhabited “ghost town”, everyone with a modding question would be wise to read that guide before asking their questions. This is not merely a polite request from the site leadership to the public.

For more information, check the new P.S.A. (Public Service Announcement) I’ve just created for this subject.


Now returning back on-topic to the GSB1 Modding Cult.

I am not one of those who ignores guides. In fact, before i quit it was one of my beloved most consulted sections of the forum. But i completely forgot about it lol. That happens when I stay away for 4 years lol.

About the topic itself, i could start posting my current mod in here, but my plan was to do it for GSB2. Meaning, that if someday clifski makes the modding in GSB2 more friendly and allow using custom elements without restrictions, i will probably will move the mod to GSB2.

If GSB2 was as modding-friendly as GSB1 is there will be no motive at all to keep modding for gsb1. Theoretically GSB2 will be exactly as GSB1 but better, with improved graphics, more special effects and ideal to make total converison mods. Remaining here will be pointless.

But until that time for GSB2 arrives… (im afraid it doesnt look too good) GSB1 is the only one to mod for. Nobody moved to GSB2 because honestly the gameplay itself is not much better than GSB. If i move to GSB2 it would be only because of the modding possibilites. The people who left GSB1 modding forums are not in the GSB2 forums. They just left…

So, should i post my mod and start the cult with another member? :s

I hereby pledge my allegiance to the Cult of Gratuitous Modding!

I haven’t yet done much work on my current project, but when it FINALLY finishes it’ll hopefully be appreciated :slight_smile:

Any mod is appreciated specially now that looks like the forums are totally abandoned. Im also working in a mod, the problem is i always invest too much work on em because i like to do things right. And at the same time i love to “play” with sketchup and vray rendering the models. But my mod will be soon ok to release, but posting it here… that i dunno. I dont know what will be the purpose since nobody comes at these forums anymore…

Glad to see that the cult is making progress, even if right now it’s measured in centimeters instead of megameters.

These forums are not, as you mis-stated, totally abandoned. The site staff, myself included, (who are also players of GSB1 and GSB2) are interested in what happens in these discussion areas. Of course, spam prevention & other backend concerns takes up much of our attention instead of the fun stuff.

There are plenty of lurkers visiting here who almost never post. There are also multiple forum members who are frequently searching these forums. Those folks have an interest, albeit not a actively social one. If one of you sparks something interesting, you might be surprised at what kind of attention may become pointed in the direction of your modding cult. As content creators, it’s up to you to take the first step.

May the cult experience all possible success despite the absence of a closely-engaged audience. Stay true to your motivation! :slight_smile:

I didnt mean the staff is gone, what i meant is, people who used to mod for GSB is already gone. I mean, if you post your mod in the forums to SHARE it with the community… what will be the point if there is no one to share with? :stuck_out_tongue: