Are there any Star Blazers fans here?

Hi there, I’m a first time poster and keen player of GSB.
I’m also a fan of the 1980s Japanese series Star Blazers. The battles in it were truly epic! The WWII themed ships and fighters are fantastic; with Stukas, Zeros, Aircraft Carriers and the Japanese giant battlship Yamato (renamed the Argo in the English version. The English version has no Kamikaze attacks by defeated Admirals as well, unlike the Japanese version) all being represented in the first series.

I’d like to try and recreate some of the fleets from the series. I know it would be a rough representation only, but it would be fun. Which race do you think best represents the races from the series?
I think the some of the Parasite cruisers resemble some of the Gamilon ships.

All thoughts and ideas more than welcome.


Sorry, by Parasites I meant the Alliance.

One Alliance cruiser (the long thin one) reminds me of a Gamilon cruiser.

If i could direct your attention here you will find like minded people that also fans of Starship Yamato / Star Blazers.

Might be worth looking into :slight_smile:

Thanks mate, I see you’re in WA. Hello from Sydney!

Next question: I’ve downloaded it, now how do I install it? IT is not my strong point.

Thanks very much.

Another Aussie ! Excelent. Its good to have someone in roughly the same time zone. Most of the members are on the other end of the globe.

Ah, to install the mod you will need to extract it into where ever you installed Gratuitous Space Battles.

For example: in my case I have installed GSB into
E:\Games\Gratuitous Space Battles\

So open the zip file and select the Star Blazers Mod v0.61 folder
In there you will see 2 directories Data & Star Blazers.
Drag and drop those into the \Gratuitous Space Battles\ directory.

From there run the game (you will have to provide your own theme music)