Armed police and organized crime

This is another link which IMO could use some adjustment. I’m playing as the U.K., and greatly stepped up gambling for some extra GDP. This created an organized crime crisis. So far this makes sense, we all know criminals use casinos to “win” lots of money which they brought in a duffel bag to begin with.

I responded with a couple other measures first, legalizing cannabis and sex work, implementing a wire tapping program, and it wasn’t enough. So I decided I was done messing around and armed the police.

I had expected that specialists would be enough, but I found that at low levels this policy has very little effect on organized crime. This is one policy I would expect to have a strong effect simply by existing, and not change as much as it is strengthened. The gangs might be able to get rid of the initial cop by showing their guns. But if the kinder, gentler cop has a radio, and can call some not so kind, not so gentle cops over, that should be enough to get the job done. The fact that armed police exist at all should achieve most of the effect without needing arm the first police anyone meets.

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Yeah, I definitely don’t think firepower is the problem, or otherwise logically the military would have an effect. I would think Community Policing would have an effect too, since gangs so often recruit impressionable youths, but that policy is so overpowered already.

I will say I’m still at a loss with how gambling affects organised crime. Gambling will crop up anywhere like the drug, prostitution or illegal immegration market, but the legalization of it, including formal governmental regulation, standards, and regular examinations CAUSES a criminal economy? What organised crime occurs under legal gambling that wouldn’t under illegal gambling? There’s no way I can think about that that tracks.

You wouldn’t think the legal, regulated casinos would increase crime, but they do. Vancouver is having this problem now. There’s cell phone footage of the sort who everyone knows are drug dealers, but they never get arrested, rolling up with a trunk filled with duffel bags full of cash for laundering.

This ties in with my point in another post about corruption increasing organized crime.