As a first time customer, my first impression

Support the little guy without a doubt as you will receive a unique and enjoyable gaming experience. I left a very obvious set of images showing my extent of gaming. From a buyer to beta testing many titles in that collection and currently working as a coordinator for a developer on their future game series.

My quick scores, as I think the games speak for themselves so I wont go into too much reading.

Rock Legend Score = 9
Just a totally unique and very enjoyable title. It does not try to do too much, and concentrates on what is enjoyable to a very effective degree. Seriously difficult to put down and play another day, there is always that next gig, or better way to tweak your song to the masses.

Kudos = Score 8.5
Another unique title which I thought would be to Sim’s like but very different and strikes a more realistic simulation of life. Thanks to innovative thinking of the developer, Kudos is a very challenging simulation on life, rather than a top down view of people walking about with verbal nonsense that only they understand. Situations in Kudos are very well thought out, and demands of the user some careful thinking but also a blast to play.

Democracy 2 Score = 9
Ive always wanted that one game that would really challenge me in the political arena. Finally something thats not only challenging but very deep. You can spend literally hours or in my case days making critical decisions. When the developer states the game as being a cerebral game, its that and more. Its nice to see something balance playability with challenge.

Starship Tycoon Score = 8
With all the space conquering games out there, its nice to see a little twist. Being in charge of a space shipping simulation brings back days of Railroad Tycoon. I think its nice to see a developer stray from the cookie cutter space strategy game, and dare to do something different. In this case it works, and its a very enjoyable title.


Ya my scores are

Kudos- 9
Democracy- 8.5
Democracy- 8
Kudos 2- 9
All in all cliff did a nice job for a small company of barely more then one person.