I’ve finished my auto-installer, which you can include with your mods, and will automatically send all the files to the right place. It has the added advantage that it can add sliders and situations without you needing to overwrite the sliders and situations files.

I’ve now withdrawn the auto-installer, because I wanted to shove it off my server, and because I had a few reports of problems with it. If you would like it, please drop me an E-mail at tom (at)

Basically, to use it, you include the installer with your mod (place it and all the files you want installing in the same folder), and also include a file called “install.txt” with instructions to the installer. Instructions on how to make this file are included in the download above. It’s not that hard once you’ve read all the instructions, but I hope to make (after Christmas) a program that will create the file for you to make it even easier. I may also make a version that uses a csv file as the install instructions file to make it consistent with the rest of Democracy.

I hope that you don’t have any problems with it, but please tell me if you do and I’ll try to help/get them fixed. There are a number of extra features in the installer - for example, it backs up the situations and sliders files before updating them so that if something goes wrong in the installation (you have forgotton to include a file, or there is a typo in the installer instructions file, for example), the saved versions of these files can be restored.

My auto-installer is now provided with all my mods, so just download any of those if you want an example of how to do the install.txt file.

Sounds good, I used it in your Government Monopoloies mod.

One thing, do we/I have to create the “install.txt” file or is it with the installer?

The creator of the mod creates the install.txt file, it’s just a plain text file, and instructions of what to put in it come with the installer. They then include that, along with the auto-installer, with the mod. I hope in the future (maybe after Christmas now) to create a program that writes it for you, but at the moment, you have to do it yourself, I’m afraid.

Argh… just noticed that the version I released last night had a button called “command4” on one of the screens that promptly generated a series of error messages when you clicked it. I’ve removed it and reuploaded the autoinstaller. This doesn’t affect DreamTwisters situations, which I’ve also fixed the autoinstaller in.

Don’t worry if you used the old version, the button doesn’t actually do any damage. It does much the same as the install button, but it just doesn’t call the right routine, so it can’t find the files.