Avatar clothing Modding Guide

Hi, I just uploaded a guide to how the avatar clothes can be modded and adjusted here:
To create new clothing items you obviously will need some cool art skills :smiley: But I’m sure some of you have them.
Feel free to ask any questions about how it all works here, and of course post your modded clothes.

Is there a non-plugin DDS exporter you know of? The only version of Photoshop I have is for Mac, and the NVIDIA plugins appear to be for Windows. If there’s a program that does it, I could make the image in OS X and reboot into Windows to make it a DDS (since I doubt there are any Mac programs that can create DirectX-related files).

EDIT: developer.nvidia.com/object/texture_tools.html looks like it’s what I was looking for.

There is also a plug-in for the GIMP that lets you edit DDS files. It can be downloaded at nifelheim.dyndns.org/~cocidius/dds/ This works with the latest version of GIMP for WIndows (2.6) I don’t know if it works for the Mac or not…but the source code is there if you really want to get ambitious.

Sam thank you so much for that… :slight_smile: the good thing about being able to do this with the Gimp is it’s free… and getting the black spaces is not that hard, you just invert your selection :wink:

Glad to help another GIMP user. It’s quite useful, and as you said, it’s free!!! Free is good.