are ther any specific things I need to know on how to put new avatars into the game? :smiley:

they are normally a zip file with 2 files. one goes in the data\bitmaps\avatars directory, and the other (with background in the name) goes in the backgrounds directory. then just start the game.

:smiley: Thank’s dude, i just found it, may be i’ll pose my own avatars 4 u guys to download them.

Ooops … I need another version asap !
I haven’t got a backgrounds folder :unamused:

Not in KRL anyway :open_mouth:

oh sorry wrong game!, in KRL there is just one file for each avatar, although you can have lots of variations in the same folder to pick from if you want.

Slightly off topic but …

what’s the jigsaw folder and files for and do ?

I’m using irfanview and all I see are white square boxes.

maybe another game on the way ... jigsaws.

those are the images of the notes for the songwriting screen. they look white, but the alpha channel has the actual note shapes in them.

Oh !

So, the avatars are simple jpg files yet the notes are in dds format.
I don’t understand dds format :blush:
Not that I understand anything lol

If I were to create a new note I would need something like Photoshop with the dds plugin, yes ?
Had a play around with a trial version and think I’ve got used to layers but channels is something else :blush: :exclamation: :open_mouth:

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I’m tooooo old for this ****

if you add one extra channel, photoshop treats it as alpha when you save a dds file. I use dds files for stuff that needs an alpha channel basically.