Back button

I love this game, I’m not usually into strategy games… but I love the idea of a politics game.

One thing though, which I cannot help but ask for: A back button. I’m constantly looking at one page, trying to analyze what is affecting what in what way… I’ll click through a bunch of things, then when I hit the close button I’m thrown back to the dashboard and I have no idea how to get back to where I was. It’s driving me nuts.

Also, as long as I’m requesting UI changes… if I move one of the policy sliders to see what the graph will do, and then hit the close button… it asks if I want to apply the changes, I never do. If I wanted to apply the changes, I would hit the apply button. It’s way more common that I’m just playing with the slider… so I go to close, go to cancel and then go back to close. It shouldn’t be a 3 step process to close a window that involves me swinging my cursor back and forth on the screen. Put the question box closer to the close button or automatically close the window when I choose to cancel the changes.

Seriously though, I love this game. I wouldn’t bother to write this if I didn’t.

I also agree there should be a back button, next to the close button

I agree with the back button idea. But in the meantime, you can find back the previous screen in the causes / effects list.