battle one has been conquered

The Rebel Elite Division has arrived to the sector known as “battle one”. All the other fleets on “battle one” have been defeated, including the cowardly fleets commanded by the admiral mrblitz :wink:

Are YOU the one to break the rebel’s hold of battle one?

Let the gratuitous carnage bagin.

Challenge: Rebel Hold

Results against the other fleets:

  • Hexes: Defeats mrblitz20 4 tank cruisers … : 83%
  • Hexes: Defeats mrblitz17 : 75%
  • Hexes: Defeats troZ fleet which defeats mrblitz and my feet (fun challenge troz) : 28%
  • Troz: Defeats Hezex fleet that defeated mrblitz20 : 73%
  • Troz : Beats Mrblitz 20 and Hexes response to mrblitz 20 : 61%
  • BlueBreaker: mrblitz 20 - the counter to all counters : 57%
  • cataualda: prepare to be crushed : 79%
  • mrblitz17: 69%
  • mrblitz20: 74%
  • mrblitz22: 63%
  • Patton: 78 %
  • mickeyroro: 97%
  • KKNO: 51%

People can call them ‘coward fleets,’ but missile ships have no business being in range of the opponent’s lasers. :wink:

Anyway, sounds like you’ve created a great challenge; perhaps an all-time great challenge. It looks like maybe a ‘benchmark’ fleet.

Well it took a while, that’s for sure…

Kudos to Troy for beating it first, and BlueBreaker for second place. Care to share your secrets? :slight_smile:

Same challenge that I had posted a few days ago, except that the first line of cruisers got a target painter and a few fast missile launchers.

1,000 laser fighters smoked it. grins

(edit: 1,000 laser fighters probably smokes just about anything)

Tossing in the Federation Purchasing and Procurement Department.

Seems to have a strong showing against most of those fleets, although all those different corner deployments require some repositioning.

I’ve been attempting to compete with this challenge by employing tribal cruisers with howitzers/autcannon. It’s tough.

Yurch, if you’ve posted a Federation response, i’ve not gotten around to it, but must say that the rebel cruisers in this thread challenge appear to be of excellent design. kudos.

edit: Ok, i’ve arrived at a counter which isn’t a total fighter swarm (it has lots of cruisers)… mrblitz26. yada yada

Well the feds certainly pack a punch. Ouch!

Nice fleet yurch.

Try 1000 laser fighters against The Wall (02/09/2010) :slight_smile: