Dear God... Map

I don’t know who came up with this map. The earliest challenge I can find using it is by Kjakings. It’s a fun map with 2000 pilots, a cost budget of 500,000 and no limits. I just posted a challenge using this map. I needed to turn off all the fancy graphics options in order to get through it without crashing.

hmmm I might need more ram for this one :o)

My as of yet undefeated Deadly Rain challenge has defeated all the other challenges on this map including my own. Right now it has more attempts than any other undefeated challenge. Who will defeat it first?

I got your forces down to 35% strength, but when I typed my message GSB crashed. (It was taking 1.2Gb of RAM, FYI.)

I’ll have to find this challenge and give it a shot. I think my pc can handle it.

Victorious with 59% remaining!

I won’t tell much about the ships I used (to not spoil the fun) but they’re not much good aside from this challenge.

Congratulations Admiral Krebor! I’d be interested in hearing what kind of ships you used to beat it, or, even better, perhaps you could post your victorious fleet as a challenge.

Err… they wouldn’t last half a tick against Reflective Shields; hardly worth a challenge.

My tactic was very simple: build lightweight, cheap ships that could get under the minimum range of the missiles to survive a bit longer. I’d tried slow designs, moderate designs (with 4 scramblers each!), but nothing seemed to work. The final design that I settled upon was a Rebel Fenrir with 2 Pulse Lasers, 2 Proton Beams, 1 Rebel Beam Laser, and 1 Scrambler; it had somewhere around 400 shields and moved at .24 speed (I think). I can post the real statistics if you want.

Yes, I would like to see the real statistics. You are still the only one to defeat this challenge.

I tried it once, and it ran slow and took forever to finish, so I decided it wasn’t worth the time/wait to figure out. I learned that challenges over 100,000 budget are ridiculous.

To each his own.
I hope you can post some more challenges like the Admirals Gambit or Moderate Rebel Patrol.

So very true. Though if Krebor hadn’t beaten it once, I’d probably have given it a go, it just takes a long time to set that one up and it played for so long, I had to leave for work and just let it finish. That massive ball of fighters on top of the cruiser pile was crazy.

I picked up the Tribe this week (I’m behind I know) and I’m messing around with some challenge ideas for the near future (and finally playing tribe challenges). Seems like the best answer to Tribe challenges is fight fire with fire aka your own Tribe designs.

I was extrenely amused by that challenge :smiley:

Okay, here’s the design and statistics for my ship.

Beam Spam

Craft: Fenrir
Weapons (fore to aft):

  • 1x Prow Guidance Scrambler
  • 2x Pulse Lasers (600 range)
  • 2x Proton Beams (700 range)
  • 1x Aft Fusion Beam (800 range)

Powergen 1 & 3
3x Super Charged Engines
1x Anti-Grav Crew Module
1x Reflective Shield
1x Fast-Recharge Shield

Cost: 2,370
Weight: 1,574
Max Speed: 0.27
Hitpoints: 1,618
Shields: 415.80

Attack Frigates (50%, 236)
Attack Cruisers (60%, 236)
Keep Moving

The goal of this ship is to survive long enough that it can get under the minimum range for the fast missiles (of at least SOME ships), while having a high enough DPS/shield-penetration to do good damage over all ranges. The only weapon that cannot fire at the desired range is the fusion beam, which frequently slaps ships further away. I’d had ships with up to 4 missile scramblers that died swiftly, so I figured that cheap/fast CQB cruisers should do the trick. Since ships now engage fighters regardless, the fighters were at least at half-strength by the end of the map.

My deployment is a line 11 ships tall (in a vertical line) of 209 of these cruisers, all with identical orders. The formation begins at (x:7,x5) offset from the top-left corner.

Fun as it was to do some tactical crunching on this, I’m glad I had lots of things to do away from the PC that day! It took nearly 10 minutes to run a full simulation of the battle through. :smiley:

did you delete this challenge? I can’t seem to find it.

I haven’t deleted it. It’s Challenge # 4578387. But, given the large number of retaliations it may very well not be in the last 2000 challenges you have. I’ll take a look at tweaking it and reposting it. My cruiser designs have improved since then.

Just had to try. Beats all but Follick’s Wall (down to 47%). Standoff Plasma might work.

Swarm Smart bomb pulse gen is quite nice. I can’t finish Sheldon’s or Follick 11 (had the latter at 62-15 when it crashed).

Posted as 4583305; it’s not very imaginitive.

  • Chris

I looked in the exact place it should be, the date, the name, the id… can’t find it. But I will keep searching.

EDIT: I FOUND IT!! YAAY!! Uh, but it crashed upon loading. I will try a different one and turn off all the options.

Yep, it does because …

massed Smart Bomb almost completely neutralizes massed missiles. I think I lost 4 Cruisers (started with 196), finishing with 100% victory. Not sure Cliff intended the pulse gen to be quite that effective.

  • Chris

Plasma Nightmare. Beats everything (including the Wall). 4583389.

  • Chris