Beta 1.15 Alt-Tab crash

Just got the Beta, very excited. Congratulations on the release!

One crash so far, it occurred after I alt-tabbed out and then back in. Was fresh from running the install so all setting were default. I was midway through the tutorial battle. No crash log.

Some other suggestions so far, not sure if previously mentioned:

  • A snap-to-centre or something button would be nice, at least on the symmetrical bodies
  • A way to reset the rotation to 0 would be good. Space Engineers has a nice interface on its sliders where ctrl-clicking on a slider brings up a type-able box.
  • The “x / y” display on the power and crew usage/available is really confusing, since it seems to show switch the available as being the numerator or denominator depending if the usages is more or less than that.

Thanks for the suggestions. In the meantime there is a ‘grid’ button which snaps everything, but I agree a center-snap would be better, ditto the rotation-reset.
is your battle crash bug reproducible?

It also gives me a black screen whenever I try to alt-tab. But the original GSB had a similar issue as well. Also, it seems to do better when you alt-tab from the main screen, not a battle.