Beta 1.16 Challenges - frequent crashes


This is likely known, but for every challenge map I’ve tried (5 so far) it crashes right before I’m about to win. Given that the description of the challenge, I imagine these are prefab and not all are from other users. I’ve also noticed that deployments on challenge maps where the ships are top to bottom instead of the usual left to right have an issue. It looks like I have to deploy in the exact same zone as the challengers! As much as I’d love to start at pointblank range, this probably wasn’t intended.


Yikes. the end-challenge crash has been fixed today, ready for the next patch (likely coming thursday). I’ll investigate the other issues.


Awesome, thanks Cliff! Gotta say, I love your company. Most. responsive. dev. ever! Plus your games are really fun :slight_smile:


Ok hopefully this is resolved in 1.17, unless people know otherwise!