Blatant viral marketing begging

As the Positech Games marketing budget is less than the Alliance budget on diplomacy, I am eternally grateful to those nice people who spread the word about any of my games that they like. To encourage such wonderful benevolent behaviour I present to you these 4 handy forum signature images for your enjoyment and usage:

Now with clickability to your homepage, hope that helps.

Only three url’s per post, last image. Edit my post to get the full code.

The financial report on May 2009 for Square-Enix is at: … 9_01en.pdf

They had a marketing spending of 5,546 Million Yen. (Or 37.82 Million Pounds (GBP)).

Curiously, they also have 17,771 Million Yen in simply ‘Goodwill’.

Recently, Square-Enix ate ‘Eidos’ and ‘Taito’.

How does this compare with your budget, Cliff?

its a bit bigger :smiley:

I think it would be better if they point at

If only you could spoof a Evony ad with this subject material :frowning:

Though, tribes ships are quite round.

Well, yes thinking about it, a selection of Gratuitous Space Women may make for effective advertising.

Here’s a tacky concept:

Please don’t go there, Cliff. Evony already gave that strategy the worst name possible, on top of everything that’s intrinsically wrong with it.

My own banner suggestion:

Yes I did consider doing this ages ago, but popcap beat me to it :frowning:

I have to say that “spoofing” an Evony ad seems kind of redundant. How do you make fun of something that is already a joke without your help?