Boozy friends

Started yet another new game and of the 4 friends 2 of them were real boozers :laughing: :open_mouth:
No probs with that but it takes all week to get the alcohol level down :angry:
Then they either make an invite, or I have to, or risk losing them, and up goes the level again … still no probs.
But if I want to take driving lessons I don’t do so well, as you can imagine :open_mouth: :astonished:
It’s no good being sloshed at work either !

In solo_activities all I can find to help reduce is Sleep on sofa. How do I change [color=red]alcohol,-0.1,0.5 so it goes down quicker ?
Am I correct in that the [color=red]-0.01 is the level drop and [color=red]0.5 means 5 days ?


Edit : I have tried -0.04 and 0.2 but no effect

0.5 means half the days alcohol effects continue to the next day, or in thsi case, half the ANTI alcohol effect,
so if you change the -0.1 to -0.4 (for example) it will have 4 times the effect, but wear off just as quick.
raising the 0.5 will make the sleep effect last longer :smiley:.
I need to add a caffeine drinking option don’t I?

For the last couple of (virtual) weekends I’ve had 2 invites on a Saturday to places that have drinking sessions. Trying to keep everyone happy I’ve accepted both invites and the alcohol level rockets to full. But I would like to have a clear by Monday.
So what numbers would I need to use ?

I don’t know anybody that’s still hungover after 2 days … I include myself on that score :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, caffeine / coffee would be good :smiley:

Really? I’ve been hungover for a week before, but that was in my heavy-rocker days :smiley:

So that’s why it takes a week to sober up :laughing: :confused: the game’s based, loosely ??, on your past experiences hah ha ha
rocker days, yep, down at the 59 club.

I’m still no closer to a quick hangover cure … help … please :frowning:

Get new non-alcoholic friends? It’s what I always do… :smiley: Now if only I could do the same with parents!