Boss Battles and Epic,Rare,uncommon Modules



Ever wondered how the Order flagship would be? or how a boss will fight in this game? then make this thread noticeable and support the developers!
What i’m suggesting is that we could play through a series of battles in which you would fight a single race to extinction!, and at the end of the path you will fight that race Dreadnought.
There would be a “Siege battles” tab under “Battles” menu in which you would select a race to destroy, you can play with any unlocked race with the exception of the enemy race, but rather than taking only fighters,frigates and cruisers you would face starbases too!

About the modules suggestion, what about if you could scavenge enemy experimental, prototype and modded weapons? well that’s what i’m saying! For this to work a ship, equipped with the weapons scavenging module, must survive the end of the battle and can secure the drone carrying the weapon to your headquarters! The Weapons Scavenging Module (WSM) launches drones that pick up a partially destroyed special weapons and carry it to the left side of the field, once he safely carries the item to our weapon gee . . . scientists he would travel back to the battlefield and picks more, if present.
Those modules can only be acquired under expert difficulty on the Siege Battles game mode.

NOTE: Siege Battles mode you cannot skip a stage you already played! when you pick up a Siege Battle, you then select the difficulty and start placing your ships, 7 battles later you would fight the race Dreadnought, which could be unlocked for you, if you bring a weapons scavenging module equipped ship in the second time you fight him and win in expert difficulty.
The recovered Epic,Rare,Uncommon modules would be purchased before you can use then!
Dreadnoughts as you might expect cost a lot and can only be equipped with scavenged weapons once deployed the honor you receive in the field will be doubled a second reinforce wave will appear after you clear the first wave.
Dreadnought Defense,Engine,Other modules can be modded to fit your needs.
Once you complete the hard setting of battles in the Siege Battles mode, you would unlock “The Ancients Modules” which are a generic race module pack, that fits specialized versions of all modules with the exception of weapons.



I would say that the order flagship is big, red and very intimidating.
For a boss battle generally they sit at the back of the formation and have insane weapons.

I totally agree with you about fighting a series of battles and at the end you face the dreadnought.

In some of the mods you will find a series of missions which unlock in sequence until you come across a battle where there is a unit you have never seen before. It is at that point you will be asking yourself - “what formidable weaponry does it that unique unit posess” or “will my forces be enough to defeat it ?”

The closest thing we have to this is the honor points system. Again there are a few mods out there which introduce prototype weapons for all the races to use, however they come with a high unlock cost and higher requirements.

As for the concept of being rewarded with loot at the end of a mission - I like it (^.^)b
(however i would suggest that instead of a random item - you unlock a random technology, see GTB for a good example of this concept)

Missions with finite waves have been suggested in the past and i quite like the idea.
Also having a second lock on modules and weapons is a great idea (i.e. you need 1000 honour and need to complete this mission)


I have been tossing around an idea, but never got around to testing it just yet. But i think i may have to one day. It is simply a survival battle but with a insane about of waves. I am not sure of the amount but I might start my testing with simply 10 waves and then increase it by 5 each test. Maybe you run into the scouting force and then bigger and bigger fleets until BOOM there homeworld or such.


What mod is That?! it’s awesome! thanks for upporting my idea :smiley:


Few mods that have the same idea

Classic Dreadnauts
The most popular mod in GSB - this work of art adds a dreadnaut to each of the 4 core races. A must if you plan on tackling modded races with the vanilla fleets. Before you download the mod, take the time to read through the history that has lead up to creation of these amazing machines of war.

Union Coalition - Resolute Rising
With Unity on the loose destroying all in its path, a band of outcasts formed under the leadership of Rob Bianco to combat the cleaning collective. With some of the most amazing graphics and weapons this mod takes “cruise softly and carry a big Cannon” to a new level. Before you download this mod, have a read of the epic story that reveals the events behind the missions in the mod.

Unity 2.0 (from the screenshot)
A ton of ships with plenty of weapons to fill them, good luck in fighting your way through all the missions.

Have a read through the threads to find more


This one don’t work or me, i extract normally but when i start the game i don’t see any dreadnought of any race.

i’m instaling the Uni-T mod i’ll try this one later tomorrow


Go check out Fleet HQ - you will find your new toys in there.
You must prove yourself worthy through combat to earn these dogs of war