Can't launch the game

Hi, I cant launch the game (alpha bought from website)

I have disabled windows defender, bulldog firewall and antivirus & tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. I get the initial launch screen then it just turns off?

Anyone else had this issue and managed to fix it? Thanks

Hi, what do you mean by launch screen? does it show a positech logo?
Has the game created a folder full of files in
\my documents\my games\democracy 4\debug?
If so can you email them to me at cliff AT positech dot co dot uk and i will take a look.

Hi, yeah the positech logo is what comes up for a few seconds and then it returns to my desktop.
I can see a folder with the correct files including a debug, saying it is detecting windows 7 yet I am running windows 10.

I will forward these to you now

This is a problem with your sound card I suspect. Is there definitely a working sound card chip? The PC works fine sound wise I assume?
Its worth checking that there are not updated drivers for your sound card.

Is there anything unusual sound wise about the PC? any unusual hardware, or sound editing software / beta drivers…?

I always check (if I have sound issues) on my PC that I have all sound ‘enhancement’ effects and special settings etc turned off. They almost always cause way more problems than they are worth, especially if its a laptop.

Oh, thats interesting, yes I have no connected speakers to my PC. I will give this a go, thanks very much!

Yes, it works now, thanks very much

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