Brazil Challenge Mod

Hello fellows!

I wanted to mod Brazil in a more realistic way than the mod in Steam Workshop, so I got something from the mod there (some stats, the flavor text) and also got something from the economic realism pack and tweaked it a bit to get the right flavor for my home country.
That was needed because Brazil went 12 years (and now 4 more) of a keynesian economic approach that resulted in some unorthodox economic results. The main things economic-wise about Brazil are:

  • Low unemployment
  • Rising low class income
  • Low GDP
  • High and complex taxes
  • Poor state services
  • Kinda average private services
  • Terrible pensions balance
  • High economy intervention
  • Pro union worker laws
  • Wages indexed to inflation
  • Low productivity

The government is very protecionist with high barriers to imports.
Also, the country is very divided into Liberal, Conservators, Socialist minded and capitalist minded people in a very equal way.
There is a lot of debate into the most simple issues because of that almost equal division of views.
Also the religion plays a big role into the general people way of thinking.
And to complement, the voting is compulsory.

I tweaked a little with the mods a cited earlier to get the most approximated to reality result. Here are some of the main changes:

  • Put creationist low to give the country a higher ammount of religious ppl.
  • Changed the effects of the private services. In the beggining they should raise inequality and raise the indicators (health, education and such) less than the state services, to represent that they are less acessible to the low income group. After they get to a certain level, with a the help of the income of the low income group, they become a perfect competition,and start to be acessible to the low class, actually reducing inequality.
  • Changed the wage vs productivity relation from reality mod. In reality mod wage raised productivity, in Brazilian Challenge mod productivity raises wages. (as it should be)
  • Removed the overall classes income raise from reality mod. When markets become competitive, the high income loses, and the other income groups gain.
  • Removed the equality effect of private business from the reality mod. It is now triggered by the competitive market situation, and should be activated by incentives on those private markets and raising the low income class income.
  • Reduced the gain of state services on their indicators. That is to represent the brazilian well know corruption. Usually the money is badly applied and it takes a lot more time for things to happen. That is represented with a reduced gain on money applied. Neverthless, the state service gives more benefit than the private service because it can reach a wider part of the population.
  • Tryed to make the numbers close to the reality, so you gonna play with trillions. That wont make the game easier as the whole thing scaled up. The debt is around 60% of the GDP.
  • Most of the policies are very accurate with the reality of the country. Had to take some away like the widespread ID because it had a lot of impact into crime that would not correpond to reality.

Anyway, I think its a nice challenge to play and I would like to hear your feedback on how hard and fun your games will be. The usual brazilian term is 4 years with a maximum of 1 reelection, but you know you can tweak it around to your taste. Also, we have compulsory vote, but I don´t know how to put that option on into the config file.

Wish it could be made an “official” brazilian mod, so i´m down to hear all the feedback and tweak it as needed.

Have fun!

PS: If anyone knows how to post it to Steam Workshop I would be very grateful thanks! (509 KB)

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Patch 0.1:
Corrected the error on mission start.
Had to remove the situations that would boost private services on the long run. Still trying to make those situations work. (512 KB)

eu tava pensando em fazer um mod com as coisas do Brasil . como a reforma costitucional,poder moderador e um pouco de historia BR.(e Bolsa-Familia $$$)

O bolsa familia pode ser representado por Food Stamps e Child Benefit, que foi o que fiz no meu mod. É claro que dá para ser ainda mais preciso, mas essas duas políticas representam bem.

The Bolsa Familia (a direct transfer program from the government) can be represented by Food Stamps plus Child Benefit policies, and that´s how it is in my mod. Of course you could be more precise (it gives money based on scholar frequency, health care (like taking vaccines and such) and a few more conditions), but those 2 default policies represent pretty well its effects.

nĂŁo , o Bolsa-Familia e Bolsa-Escola e Fome Zero sĂŁo progamas diferentes , o Bolsa-Familia deposita dinheiro diretamente para pessoas miseraveis,existem muitos progamas sociais no BR :

Os programas foram unificados sob o Bolsa Família. O bolsa escola e afins existiam no governo FHC e foram unificados no governo Lula pelo bolsa família, e colocaram as condicionantes como frequencia escolar e visitas a posto de saude. De qualquer forma, são todos programas de transferência direta de recursos, seu impacto pode ser refletido no jogo por aumento da saude (pela melhor alimentacao), aumento da educacao (pela condicionante de frequencia escolar), aumento da renda dos mais pobres (pela transferência direta de recursos). Além disso, existe o cadastro unico para sueprvisionar fraudes e a correta aplicação dos recursos. Acredito que o jogo pode refletir essa política de transefrência direta de renda através das políticas existentes de food voucher, child benefit e o departamento de fiscalização de welfare.
Mas como disse, para um maior nivel de detalhe, eh possivel criar cada programa separado com os impactos supracitados, mas o impacto no jogo seria mínimo comparado com a utilização dos que eu falei. Seria mais um item de “flavor” do que de gameplay realmente.

adiciona ai para a nos fazermos varios mods pra esse jogo :slight_smile:

Eu coloquei no steam workshop, se quiser te dou acesso lá para vc acrescentar coisas

Well, I’ve tried to load the mod, but it’s simply not showing up. Might be related to the lack of a “data” folder on your ZIP file. Can you make one to use?

EDIT: I’d also like to add a few things regarding your current population sliders. While religion still plays a big part in public opinion, this seems to be lessened as the years go by. Protestantism has been rising in a few years, but it still counts for roughly 20% of the country’s population - and that’s where most extreme conservatives are coming from. “Practising” Roman Catholics have been dropping year after year, while conservative thinking has been dropping in favour of liberal policies.

Last year’s election has shown that the country has been very polarized, so it’s fair to say that it’s 50-50 in conservatives x liberals, and almost 50-50 in capitalists x socialists - with a slight socialist advantage. Religious people are almost 85% of the country, but if you count out people who haven’t gone to church in a year, it drops to roughly 50% as well.

The rise of conservatives figures like Marco Feliciano and Bolsonaro are a phenomenon that’s also happening in Europe: common people feel they have been misrepresented, and it gives a way for extremists to rise. That’s also why I think political apathy should be risen up a bit.

Also, could there be some challenges regarding actual and future topics? Like reducing penal majority, introduction of a wealth tax, political reform, social program regulations and so forth.

Those are excelent ideas!
Sadly it did not work on steam workshop even though it was working on my machine when I downloaded it through steam… I would like to see someone keep updating it, with your suggestions for example but all that is left is the steam .pak file. Hope someone can make good use of it. If you manage to recover some of the files please post here.

Hi. I need to know how to put the files inside the folders’program of this great Brazil mod. Can anyone help me ?
Thank you.