Making a mod using todays actual situation

I am wondering if anyone has made a mod to use Todays actual situation?
Living in the United States, I would want a US scenerio where it starts with policies already set as they really are, government spending, tax rates etc. So that way you could play around with seeing what effect changes we talk about at the water cooler about would really have.

I’ve made a mod called USA Revamp it’s on Steam. It’s not realistic, but it is as reflective as I could get it. Exact cost numbers and slider amounts are some things that are locked by the core game files. But the mod has the USA debt as $17 Trillion as in real life. Also correct population. Most of the policies. Starting polices adjusted as close as possible, not to dollar amounts or slider amounts but to what’s actually being put into them in real life. Sounds a little vague I know.

Demography has also been adjusted to as close as possible. For now that I know of there are 7 demography values that are just locked, and I can’t change them (Cap, Liberal, Conservatives, Poor, Middle Income, Wealthy, and Socialists).

2 new policies, Water Fluoridation and Government Propaganda.

I’m constantly working on it. Please check it out. … earchtext=

The ratio between capitalists and socialists is represented by the global_socialism variable. In the same way, the ratio between liberals and conservatives is represented by global_liberalism. They always sum up to 100%.

The starting values can be set in a file in missions/usa.

Thank you again Gikgik, you don’t know how much of a headache that’s been for me. I’ll make those changes and have them in the next update. Thank you very much!