Hey guys I am currently designing a mod called “monetarism” baised on the policy the Thatcher government introduced in the 1980’s. I’m just looking for help and your thoughts. I have run into a few problems.

Firstly this mod is to work with the inflation mod. The inflation mod I have is the one downloaded from this website so I’m assuming that your version also have no effects when the inflation rate is to high or to low. This must be fixed in order for this to work probablly as the most fundemental part of Monetarism’s benifits is that it cuts inflation. Therefore I think the inflation mod should have the following effects for high inflation. Lower upper and middle income. High decrease in oppinion of higher middle classes and a drop in thier membership. New crisis trigered called “hyperinflation” this drops GDP and everyones oppinion. On the flip side when inflation drops and new event called stable currency should appear which increases everyone’s oppinion.

Back to the Monetarism mod. There are five stages of the policy you can take.

  1. Adusting for inflation
    2)Public Spending freeze
    3)Minor Public spending cuts
    4)Major public spending cuts
  2. Extreem public spending cuts
    I realise that you can do this in the game by cutting back expendure on state health etc. Though I think this mod could be about all the other aspects of government that are not taken into account. Anyway just looking for input? Thanks

P.S I also can’t find the Inflation code in the simulation file to edit it